28 Insanely Sweet Things For Sugar Addicts

When sugar is bae.

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1. Cupcake-flavored toothpaste: fulfilling the dream of fighting cavities with confection.

Get it on Amazon for $6.55.

2. Lollipops for those who think pizza would be EVEN BETTER as a ball of corn syrup.

Get them from Lollyphile for $8 for four lollipops. Also available in flavors like bourbon, blue cheese, chardonnay, and maple bacon.

3. A retro-style tabletop cotton candy maker for whipping up pillowy goodness at parties.

Get it from Amazon for $28.

4. Milk chocolate mini cups because it’s winter, time to get your shots.

Get them on Amazon for $19.95 for 16. Also available in dark chocolate.

5. Cinnamon bun soaps you can use during your “Pour Some Sugar on Me” shower ballad.

Get them from Aubrey E Apothecary on Etsy for $6.95 for two soaps.

6. These prosecco gummies for a chewy alternative to your favorite bubbly.

Get them from Firebox for $10.39. Available in classic or fizzy.

7. A set of four sundae-ready ice cream bowls.

Get them from Boutique Party Shop on Etsy for $22.99 (or one for $5.75).

8. A chocolate stash for emergency cravings only.

Get it from S & J Dezigns on Etsy for $27.14.

9. A set of five acrylic air-lock canisters that keep your collection fresh.

Get them on Amazon for $19.99 for set of five.

10. Five pounds of any Haribo gummy your heart desires, from raspberries to peaches to happy cola.

Get them on Amazon for $13.89+.

11. Or maybe one pound of Snickers or Reese’s Cups.

Get them on Amazon for $13.89 (Snickers) and and $13.94 (Reese’s)

12. Milk chocolate Thank You, Birthday, and Valentine’s Day bars that are (life hack!) a card and a gift in one.

Get them at Hershey’s Store for $10.95 (Valentine’s Day) and $12.95 (Thank You and Birthday).

13. Caffeinated Coffee Cubes, for a pick-me-up that’s a chewy candy rather than a scorching cup of bitter firewater.

Get them on Amazon for $42 for 20 packs of four.

15. Lollipops that look like dragon eyeballs for your next D&D get-together.

Get set of 24 from LIQNYC on Etsy for $55.

16. Candy shaped like raw fish.

Get it on Amazon for $3.68. Available in five flavors, some more intriguing than others.

17. A candy cake far superior to the usual layers-of-bread cake.

Get it on Amazon for $61.23.

18. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15 for healthy lips as sweet as sugar.

Get it at Sephora for $24. Available in 12 different flavors/tints.

19. This lamp, because ice cream lights up your life.

Get it from Great Big Stuff for $49.99. Also available in “hand scoop” hard ice cream-style cone.

20. And a vinyl wall decal for your kind of home.

Like tooth, like home.

Get it at Wayfair for $25.99.

21. Jelly Belly’s Beanboozled, a board game with sweet rewards and booger-flavored penalties.

Get it on Amazon for $8.10. Also available with jelly bean refill pack.

22. A Coca-Cola series slush machine for Slurpee fiends.

Get it from Amazon for $42.94.

23. A Hangry Kit containing 18 prescription-strength sour candies.

Get it on Amazon for $17.99. Also available in super duper (36 candies).

24. Nipyatas, the piñata for people who pair their candy with tiny booze and violence.

Get it at Nipyata for $89.99+. Also available in age- and holiday-themed.

25. Green apple-flavored gummy army men for all of us at war with kale.

Get them on Amazon for $21.63 for five pounds.

26. A trip to the real-life Wonka Factory, chocolate-themed restaurant Max Brenner.

Order a gift card here. See Max Brenner locations here.

27. A T-shirt of what makes you tick.

Get it from RedBubble for $24.80. Available in 18 colors, sizes S-3XL.

28. And an actual 26-pound gummy bear with a hollow tummy bowl you can fill with more gummy bears. (Fork and knife not included, coma guaranteed).

Get it at Vat19 for $149.99. Available in red cherry, orange, green apple, and blue raspberry.

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