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28 Insanely Sweet Things For Sugar Addicts

When sugar is bae.

1. Cupcake-flavored toothpaste: fulfilling the dream of fighting cavities with confection.

2. Lollipops for those who think pizza would be EVEN BETTER as a ball of corn syrup.

3. A retro-style tabletop cotton candy maker for whipping up pillowy goodness at parties.

4. Milk chocolate mini cups because it's winter, time to get your shots.

5. Cinnamon bun soaps you can use during your "Pour Some Sugar on Me" shower ballad.

6. These prosecco gummies for a chewy alternative to your favorite bubbly.

7. A set of four sundae-ready ice cream bowls.

8. A chocolate stash for emergency cravings only.

9. A set of five acrylic air-lock canisters that keep your collection fresh.

10. Five pounds of any Haribo gummy your heart desires, from raspberries to peaches to happy cola.

11. Or maybe one pound of Snickers or Reese's Cups.

12. Milk chocolate Thank You, Birthday, and Valentine's Day bars that are (life hack!) a card and a gift in one.

13. Caffeinated Coffee Cubes, for a pick-me-up that's a chewy candy rather than a scorching cup of bitter firewater.

14. A pair of pink chocolate-dipped pretzel socks.

15. Lollipops that look like dragon eyeballs for your next D&D get-together.

16. Candy shaped like raw fish.

17. A candy cake far superior to the usual layers-of-bread cake.

18. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15 for healthy lips as sweet as sugar.

19. This lamp, because ice cream lights up your life.

20. And a vinyl wall decal for your kind of home.

21. Jelly Belly's Beanboozled, a board game with sweet rewards and booger-flavored penalties.

22. A Coca-Cola series slush machine for Slurpee fiends.

23. A Hangry Kit containing 18 prescription-strength sour candies.

24. Nipyatas, the piñata for people who pair their candy with tiny booze and violence.

25. Green apple-flavored gummy army men for all of us at war with kale.

26. A trip to the real-life Wonka Factory, chocolate-themed restaurant Max Brenner.

27. A T-shirt of what makes you tick.

28. And an actual 26-pound gummy bear with a hollow tummy bowl you can fill with more gummy bears. (Fork and knife not included, coma guaranteed).

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