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22 Genius Things Everyone With A Small Apartment Needs To Own

The littlest changes make the BIGGEST difference.

1. A pet feeder that catches all your clumsy-ass animal's food and water spills.

2. Kitchen products like this apple-shaped bamboo fruit basket or this pop-up silicone colander that occupy only two dimensions when not in use.

3. This hidden cabinet-door trashcan, because your garbage is a rank eyesore taking up valuable square footage.

4. A wooden bar cart that transforms into a table and chairs that's the equivalent of a kitchen furniture Matryoshka doll on wheels.

5. A wall-mounted blowdryer and hair accessories holder, because tools and wires everywhere is not a cute look.

6. Armrest tables for laying down your coffee, homework, dinner, laptop, phone, remote control(s), glasses, nail polish, books, contacts, playing cards, makeup mirror, needlepoint, bra, ship in a bottle, etc.

7. This magazine rack–and–TP holder combo, because nothing in a small apartment can have only one job.

8. Industrial-chic sconces that take up zero space and require as much electrical wiring know-how.

9. A vertical wall-mounted rack for holding towels or wine. Or both, if that's the life you live.

10. This 5-inch-wide peekaboo roll-out pantry that makes the most out of your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room crevices.

11. This Ikea couch that's a sectional, storage unit, AND double bed, for the minimalist squirrelperson who on occasion has guests.

12. A sleek, noiseless compact carpet-sweeper that serves as a great vacuum alternative. Hang it up with your mop, broom, and Swiffer on...

13. ...this wall-mounted mop, broom, and Swiffer holder.

14. Keep apartment air fresh and oxygenated with the tiniest, lowest-maintenance houseplants there ever were.

15. This insane magnetic knife-and-serving-utensil holder that frees up both kitchen drawer AND countertop real estate.

16. Sink cabinet organizers like this pipe-accommodating shelf and these door storage trays, because right now your sink cabinet is a garbage explosion of cleaning products and reusable bags.

17. An end table with a built-in canvas storage basket.

18. Shelving accessories, like this suspended basket, this mug rack, or this stackable cabinet organizer that turn one shelf into like, 1 billion shelves.

19. This ingenious little smartphone holder that organizes USB cords and cradles your precious device like a newborn baby bunny.

20. Risers that create storage space while simultaneously powering your Netflix and chill, no matter where you're forced to put your bed.

21. These minimalist AF acrylic organizers that clean up the product/makeup landfill that is your vanity.

22. And finally, literally whole rooms you can tuck into the fucking wall, like this office and this pressing station.

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