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    22 Tees That Completely Understand Your Priorities

    What are torsos if not billboards of personal concern.

    1. Priority: shimmying out of those leg prisons STAT.

    2. Priority: cheesy bread.

    3. Priority: lifting, or Star Wars, or irony (iron-y?), or all of those.

    4. Priority: lowering expectations.

    5. Priority: the patriarchy, and smashing it.

    6. Priority: literally killing it.

    7. Priority: living your best life.

    8. Priority: doing the points, winning the things.

    9. Priority: safety and two other things.

    10. Priorities: a good time; doing the best you can.

    11. Priority: honestly, nothing anymore.

    12. Priority: ranch dressing.

    13. Priority: April's gestational nightmare.

    14. Priority: acceptance, you addict.

    15. Priority: full disclosure.

    16. Priority: telling your story, lest the atrocities of bygone times repeat themselves.

    17. Priority: personal space.

    18. Priority: showing the haters.

    19. Priority: altruism.

    20. Priority: much running, very sweat.

    21. Priority: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    22. Priority: living on the edge.