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24 Subscription Boxes That Do Nothing To Help You Get Out More

::is curious about the world:: ::but is VERY comfortable on this couch::

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Tour America's best microbreweries from home with monthly selections by Craft Beer Club.

@bianroe / Via

Subscriptions from Craft Beer Club starting at $39/month.

2. Roost Crate allows you to get monthly farmers market goodies without stepping foot into a farmers market.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $39.95/month.

3. Deliveries from Fandom of the Month Club include 3-4 curated pieces of magical fandom jewelry from everyone's favorite film series.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $13/month.

4. The Bad Boy Box, Swept Away Box, and Luxe Box from Bubbles & Books send you scrumptious items for a steamy bath with an even steamier read.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $24/month.

5. Monthly boxes from GlobeIn introduce you to artisan-made products from around the world.

@danikadalypr / Via

Subscriptions from GlobeIn starting at $10/month.

6. Get 12 new bottles of wine delivered to your doorstep every season from Laithwaite's Wine. / Via

Available in reds, whites, or mixed.

Get the holiday introductory promotion gift of 12 bottles and free fancy corkscrew for $69.99. Regular seasonal subscriptions from Laithwaite's Wine starting at $139.99/case.

7. The Bookish Box sends book lovers a literary-inspired shirt and 3-5 home, beauty, and fashion items.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $18.99/month.

8. Forget grocery shopping and get chef-curated recipes and farm fresh ingredients delivered every week by Hello Fresh.

Available in Classic, Veggie, or Family Plan.

Subscriptions from Hello Fresh starting at $8.75/meal.

9. Order all your childhood video game favorites with Retro Game Treasure and never see sunlight again.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $39.99/month.

10. Bring nature to you with a weekly or monthly subscription to BloomsyBox.

Available in small, medium, and large bouquet sizes.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $34.99/month.

11. Get a different board or card game every month with Game Box Monthly.

Subscriptions at Cratejoy starting at $25/month.

12. Freshly delivers pre-made, microwaveable meals that are gluten-, chemical-, and processed sugar-free.

Subscriptions from Freshly start at $49.99/week.

13. Loot Crate sends those who never leave the house memorabilia from all the things keeping them inside the house, like gaming, film and TV franchises, manga and anime, and more.

Subscriptions from Loot Crate starting at $8.99/month.

14. Get a monthly supply of yarn and patterns from Yarn Crush.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $26.99/month.

15. Travel the culinary world from your kitchen with recipe-ready flavor kits free of salt, sugars, and preservatives from Raw Spice Bar.

@rawspicebar / Via

Subscriptions from Raw Spice Bar starting at $6/month.

16. Themepark Monthly sends pins, mugs, snacks, and other authentic theme park merch to people who would live in Disney if they could, but now don't have to.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $7.95/month.

17. Stay at home and pamper yourself with Mask Box's Korean sheet masks, catered to hydrating, anti-aging, and/or brightening.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $10/month.

18. Get boxes of goodies for you and your purrfect furbaby every month from CatLadyBox.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $34.99/month.

19. WurkBench offers regular deliveries of custom-curated adult toys.

Available in Pleasure Chest, Sexy Time, Fantasy, or Wedding Box.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $69.99/month (HAHA WINK HIGH-FIVE).

20. When life gets crazy, Date Night In boxes bring romance and "us-time" to you.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $39.99/month.

21. The Hunt a Killer subscription box is perfect for anyone who stays up watching Dateline: Real Life Mysteries and yearns for a mystery of their own (without all the horrible real-life consequences).

Boxes send you cryptic clues for your solving pleasure.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $30/month.

22. Get your role play on with RPG Crate, the box full of T-shirts, modules, maps, dice, miniatures, and other tabletop games.

Available in crate sizes S-3XL.

Subscriptions from Cratejoy starting at $29.89/month.

23. Get a box full of candies from a different country every month with Universal Yums.

@universalyums / Via

Available in six or 12 monthly snacks.

Subscriptions from Universal Yums starting at $14/month.

24. And introduce little ones to the wonders of the world with Little Passports.

@everyday_explorers / Via

Available in Early Explorers, World Edition, USA Edition, and Science Expeditions.

Subscriptions from Little Passports starting at $11.95/month.

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