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New Amazon Dash Buttons, Ranked By Ridiculousness

On a scale of 1 to useful: meat dress.

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Here are some highlights, ranked in order of utter uselessness! Let's take a look!


16. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

Okay, whatever, this one I also understand! With a brand new wee one to feed and raise and change and hold, you're overwhelmed and exhausted! What could possibly be better than just *booping* necessities like baby wipes into existence?

15. Seventh Generation Bath Tissue (Toilet Paper)

Okay this is where it starts getting...questionable! Do we all need toilet paper? You bet! But the only time I can imagine people using this button is in case of emergencies? At which point two-day delivery is totally useless? Like, is an automatic re-order button the only thing that separates us from a world where people apathetically drip-dry until their next TP shipment? I have concerns!

13. GURU Organic Energy Drinks

Idk you guys, this one has me imagining that someone, somewhere out there, is experiencing a sad, cyclical conundrum of wanting to order energy, but not having enough energy to order their energy, because they're out of energy. 😕


8. Cheez-It

Okay same as brownie brittle, unless, like, you got roped into bringing the snacks for the kids' soccer team every week. In which case, that's too much responsibility for one person! Respect yourself, make Donna do it!

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The future, you guys!

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