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27 Little Gifts To Give Someone Who's Having A Hard Time

Get by with a little help from our friends.

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2. A plush worry monster that's always there to commiserate when you can't be.


4. A little encouragement for their keyring.

6. And fill-in-the-blank personalizable books that help you spell out what makes them extraordinary.


8. Wall art that may help change their mindset.

11. "Hang in there" popcorn tubs and snack samplers that'll get a friend through finals.

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Get it from The Popcorn Factory for $44.99 (Three-Flavor Popcorn Tub) or $30 (Deluxe Snacks Sampler).


13. A trove of customizable letters to Mom composed for specific moments of need or nostalgia.

14. A night spent together venting and moaning over Ben & Jerry's in bed.


16. Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy, a book that employs humor to deal with the heaviness of depression, and Tiny Beautiful Things, a compilation of advice column Q&As by your discerning new best friend, Cheryl Strayed (aka "Sugar").

18. F*ck That, a meditation book that "help[s] you find peace with the challenges that surround you. Because they are f*cking everywhere."


20. Adorable plush organs for someone at war with their real ones.

@iheartguts / Via, @iheartguts / Via

Get the plush prostate and uterus from I Heart Guts ($20, $20) or Amazon ($21.99, $21.99). Available in most internal organs.


24. Home-cooked meals made with — or in the shape of — love.

26. A soft hemp unisex tee with a bold reminder of what they are.

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