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27 Inexpensive Shoes That Look Like A Million Bucks

::clicks heels together:: "There's no place like home with rent you can still afford."

1. A pair of classic Keds in gold.

2. Ankle-wrap ballet flats that make any outfit instantly chic.

3. A pair of go-to booties that you'll never take off.

4. A pair of pointed T-strap flats that'll go great with skirts and cuffed denim.

5. These dainty bow-knot Mary Jane stilettos.

6. A metallic pair of heeled mules that'll turn heads.

7. 3D floral espadrilles that'll taunt you 'til summertime.

8. And these glitter dress heels for a wintry soirée.

9. These insanely affordable faux-fur boots with flare.

10. And pointy-toe flats with big, fashionable bows.

11. Elegant stiletto ankle boots for an instant upgrade.

12. These graphic quilted Reebok trainers for killing it casual-style.

13. And a pair of lace-up ballet flats that elevate your look morning, afternoon, and night.

14. Lace-overlay Aerosoles espadrille flats for kicking around.

15. A pair of plain, strappy heeled sandals for something a little understated.

16. These minimalist Michael Antonio heels lined with geometric jewels.

17. And these wrap sandals that go with everything you own.

18. A pair of block-heel sandals with some major height.

19. Charles Albert wedge sandals that lace up for easy wear.

20. And low-heel Hush Puppies that could be mistaken for Chanel.

21. A perfect pair of bookish Oxfords...

22. ...and $5 lace-on Kiltie fringes that transform them into a completely different pair.

23. Heeled Catherine Malandrino booties with pom-pom laces.

24. And a pair of taupe buckled ankle booties that'll go with pretty much everything.

25. These faux-shearling Ugg lookalikes that are a fraction of the price.

26. These vacation-ready fringe-detail wrap flats that leave you with plenty of margarita money.

27. And these gorgeous Forever 21 ankle-wrap heels that look like designer ones.

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