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28 Gifts For People Who Love Fishing

Dat bass doe.

1. A subscription to Lucky Tackle Box for monthly deliveries of baits and lures.

2. This digital LCD display hanging hook scale for weighing and measuring your catch.

3. This vinyl fish-deep-throating-your-beer koozie.

4. A t-shirt for the fly fishing Don.

5. This tackle backpack that comes equipped with battery-powered LED lighting, plier sheath, sunglasses case, retractable lanyard, tackle trays, and a rain-proof cover.

6. Shark magnets that menacingly circle your to-do lists.

7. A tie clip that's a welcome upgrade from that rainbow trout necktie.

8. The "Bass Whisperer" Man Crate (wooden box) jam-packed with bass fishing goodies. Also available in "Troutdoorsman," filled with items for trout fishing.

9. This 30oz RTIC tumbler that gives the Yeti a run for its money.

10. A portable wireless bluetooth speaker that drops the bass so you don't (fish puns!).

11. The Penn Spinfisher V reel for smooth spinning and impressive drag.

12. A cooler bag for easy transport of all your snacks (beer).

13. These neoprene boot-foot waders that keep tootsies warm and dry in chilly waters.

14. This set of nine wall hangings for a nautical-themed room.

15. A hammerhead bottle opener/corkscrew for the avid sharker.

16. This punny sign for your bedroom or nursery.

17. This incredibly versatile outdoor knife that can also be used to gut and fillet.

18. A coat rack made from boat cleats.

19. 24 ounces of pure seafood-seasoning Magic.

20. An angler's hat with a ventilated crown that collapses for easy packing.

21. This portable four-piece casting rod, because you never know when the moment will strike.

22. This reminder of where you'd rather be.

23. A Helly Hansen anorak with pullover design and neoprene cuffs for maximum water resistance.

24. This handsome brass penknife for your pocket or keyring.

25. A vacuum-sealing food saver so you can fish for a day and eat for a lifetime.

26. A pair of Grundéns clipper bib pants for lightweight protection against the elements.

27. A tweed flat-brimmed hat for days off.

28. And this tee, because fisherpeople will never stop.

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