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29 Inexpensive Versions Of Your Favorite Designer Shoes

Charlotte Olympia taste on a Charlotte Russe budget.

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1. Look like a rich widow in a murder mystery for $46 instead of $450.

2. Save nearly four figures AND be able to walk in Daisy Street's Valentino-inspired flats.


3. Oh look, Forever 21 boots that let you save $850 AND not be thigh-deep in regret.

4. Crush this season's velvet trend (I SAID IT) with New Look's $49 ankle booties.

5. Yeezy Treason 2 > the real thing.,

The real deal (left): Yeezy Season 2 (out of stock everywhere) for $595.

The REALEST deal (right): Steve Madden for $89.95.

6. Look elegant as hell for a fifth of the price of Aquazzurra's high fashion realness.,

The real deal (left): Aquazzurra for $675.

The REALEST deal (right): Massimo at Zappos for $130.99.

Pro tip: Mix and match different colors to make your feet look like a Spy vs. Spy cartoon.


7. Throw yourself a $65 foot party that looks like a $395 foot party.

8. If you buy Steve Madden's version of Stuart Weitzman's iconic Highland boots you will have enough money leftover to also buy Steve Madden's version of Stuart Weitzman's iconic Lowland boots.

9. You can save $725 on Jeffrey Campbell's boots and book a trip to see the real-life heel farm in Goblin Valley, Utah.

10. The only differences between these Pradas and these Maddens is the buckle color and the additional "0" on the price tag.


11. *Dreams coming true alert* your feet can be a year-round DC Cherry Blossom Festival for $70, instead of $845.

12. Get Steve Madden's version of these Schutz heels and have enough left over for a pair in one of the other 16 colors.

13. Jeffrey Campbell's "Orithia" boots let you unleash your inner gothic Friesian for, like, not the cost of an actual Friesian.

14. If you pay a grand for shoes that don't even have an embellishment, you're playing yourself.


15. Kenneth Cole for the minimalist in mind, budget, and soul.,

The real deal (left): Woman by Common Projects for $449.

The REALEST deal (right): Kenneth Cole at Zappos for $107.99.

16. Get your niece 20 pairs of Gap's glitter kitten flats for the cost of one pair of Charlotte Olympia's originals.


The real deal (left): Isabel Marant for $635.

The REALEST deal (right): Carlos by Carlos Santana at Macy's for $69.

18. Save $150 getting these wicky wicky wild wild west boots from Forever 21.


19. For $28 your pedi can nestle in the velvet canopy bed of a 19th century European royal.

20. For $625 get your ass an Uber.

21. Sorry I'm not sorry for saving $378 on two flesh-colored footstraps.

22. "Sorry Wang fans I couldn't hear you over the sound of all the CHA-CHINGS." —Owner of these sweet Jeffrey Campbells,

The real deal (left): Alexander Wang for $750.

The REALEST deal (right): Jeffrey Campbell at Nasty Gal for $175.


23. All that glitters doesn't have to be Gucci, honey.

24. These booties from Aldo are just as pointy and yummy as the ones by Kendall + Kylie, without the three-figure price tag.

25. Not Real Fact: Doc Marten has a degree in affordable south-of-the-kneecap badassery.

26. For $129 you can afford to "accidentally" leave one of these Betsey Johnson heels at Prince Charming's place.,

The real deal (left): Bionda Castana for $825.

The REALEST deal (right): Blue by Betsey Johnson at Macy's for $129.


27. Material things are great...but so is food and housing.

28. Get these delicious floral booties from UO and be able to afford the rest of your outfit.,

The real deal (left): Loeffler Randall (sold out pretty much everywhere) for $550.

The REALEST deal (right): Urban Outfitters for $98.

29. Save $600 on these embroidered Topshop loafer slides and be able to buy a velvet robe and emotionless Persian cat to complete the look.

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