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21 Products From Amazon That'll Make Perfect Gifts

A dinosaur-shaped taco holder, Fifty Shades of Chicken, a horse yoga calendar, and 18 other things you’ll want to give to your loved ones this holiday season.

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

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Need a gift idea? Amazon has a section featuring products that people buy as gifts most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the section this week:

1. A gym bag for realists.

Promising Review: "I can't get enough of this bag. I've just been carrying it around the house with me all day. Please make more stuff with this slogan." --Miller

Price: $28

2. Zombie slippers with cuddly gouged eyeballs for The Walking Dead fans.

Promising Review: "The bottoms are cushioned, so they're very comfortable, and they're durable. If you like zombies, then you will like these! Honestly, they gross me out, and I try not to ever look at them directly, but they make my husband happy." --WLJ

Price: $19.99+

3. A 2017 illustrated wall calendar for the equine yoga enthusiast.

Promising Review: "A great way to bring a smile to someone's face." --Karen Weyrauch

Price: $14.99

4. A five-pack of spices for chefs that cook up all kinds of shit.

Promising Review: "5 Stars. My husband puts these seasonings on EVERYTHING. We will definitely purchase again once we run out, which will probably be in another year, since these bottles are huge. I put them on eggs, chicken, beef, veggie dishes . . . everything." --Amber

Price: $79.99

5. This steamy parody cookbook for any fan of the original.

Promising Review: "Fifty Shades of Chicken left me hungry and wanting for more. At first blush, I wanted to be that chicken--to be touched and marinated. I wanted Shifty Blades to want me every day." --Kathleen A. Taylor

Price: $11.34

6. A tray of Easter Island molds for the world traveller or luau party-thrower.

Promising Review: "I purchased two of these ice trays to make tropical-themed Jell-O shots and I LOVE them. Each silicone tray has nine molds of a Moai statue from Easter Island. You can mold other items like chocolate, Jell-O shots, gummy candy, ice cream, etc., and you get to enjoy the features of these adorable heads. This tray is made of food-grade silicone that releases whatever you have molded quickly and easily. Even the Jell-O shots came out easily and stood up on a platter like the actual statues so you can serve them straight-up. I love that!" --Carol T.

Price: $10.72

7. The only peanut brittle that really matters.

Promising Review: "An invention of the devil. Best peanut brittle ever. An absolutely irresistible, evil diet-killer." --Andrea Matthews

Price: $19.72/10oz

8. The TriceratTaco, for people with bad motor skills who also like tacos.

There are no products reviews, but like, it's a dinosaur that holds your tacos.

Price: $19.94

9. A portable Coleman grill for people who would like to barbecue whenever and wherever they damn well please.

Promising Review: "As far as portable grills go, this one is top of the line. I've owned it for around two months now and have had no problem cooking burgers, hotdogs, chicken, steak, you name it. It can take slightly longer to cook than with a standard outdoor home grill, but that's to be expected. This grill offers more bang for buck than any other portable units." --Daniel J. Catalano

Price: $139

10. This bucket belt caddy for the surfcaster or ice fisherman.

Promising Review: "This organizer is excellent! What the picture doesn't show is an additional pouch for extra tackle, line, spare reel, or snacks, like energy bars or sandwiches. The pouch also has a clear plastic lining that you can use to hold your license, maps, money, etc. There is a second pocket to hold another 3500 tackle tray (for a total of two trays), two smaller pockets for misc. items (I use one of them to hold my fish grips), a carabiner, a plier holster with a retractable cable for line clippers, and two strappy areas for you to clip the plier holster and the small light to the organizer. I don't carry too much tackle with me when I go saltwater fishing, so this organizer is more than adequate for me. Excellent product!" --Joe Man

Price: $44.42

11. A set of serving spoons for the punny host.

There are no products reviews for these exact spoons, but check out Mud Pie's other highly-rated kitchen products here.

Price: $22.29

12. A Harley Davidson motorcycle pencil holder for riders with desk jobs.

Promising Review: "My dad is a motorcycle enthusiast, so I bought this for him for Christmas. He loved it once he opened the box, and started pointing out what it is made out of: bearings, nuts, bolts, screws, etc. The pen cup itself is actually kind of small, but it still looks nice and is a great addition to his desk." --tm13

Price: $16.99

13. This Storm Trooper/Starry Night mashup tee for someone with very specific likes/hobbies.

Promising Review: "The shirt fit as expected. My daughter is a huge Star Wars fan and aspiring artist. She loves it." --R. Browning

Price: $13.94+ / Available in sizes S-4XL.

14. This steel soap bar for someone with persistent dank hand smell.

Promising Review: "No more stinky onion hand smell after cooking! Works absolutely BRILLIANTLY! Just as it says it does, it takes away the smell and never shrinks. Going on a few years now of owning/using it and works just as great as the first day I used it! I don't know how I ever got along without it." --Tierra Drollinger

Price: $7.50

15. A reusable zipper pouch to contain the mess when your favorite nail polish inevitably explodes in transit.

Promising Review: "I've bought about six of these pouches in both this size and the pencil case size. I travel a lot and love using these as a way to organize my giant carry-on shoulder bag. I love that they are made of a plastic-y material, so if you get anything on it, you can just wipe it right off." --Nicole D.

Price: $7.37 / Available in 10 styles.

16. A 32GB Stitch flash drive keychain for keeping all your Disney World photos close.

Promising Review: "Have had it for about two months now, and it works great! Lots of storage, cute, and comes in a cute case!" --Grandy Lirungan

Price: $14.99

17. An austere unicorn wine opener for anyone who believes in (the) magic (of alcohol).

Promising Review: "My sister and I love unicorns. Got this as a present for her. It's a great thing to have just for fun." --Amazon Customer

Price: $7.50

18. The SABRE pepper spray keychain that parents will give to kids moving literally anywhere more than 50 feet from home.

Promising Review: "Hopefully you will never have to use this stuff on anybody. It is truly hell." --riotdawg

Price: $5.95

19. A Magnasonic jewelry cleaner that will give new life to old accessories.

Promising Review: "This machine cleaned up my wife's diamond ring and earrings so that they looked like we just bought them that day (maybe even better, if that is possible)! I was so addicted to seeing things come out so clean that I threw in pretty much anything that would fit: keys, glasses, watches, pocket knives, coins, letter opener, etc. After I was done with all that, I took it to my family's houses and cleaned everything in their houses! Unbelievable results every time. After everyone stopped making fun of me for being a male obsessed with cleaning women's jewelry, I decided to write this ridiculously positive review. There is NO WAY jewelry can get any cleaner than after a few cycles in this thing with soap and warm water. Don't waste your money on a more expensive unit." --K. Desai

Price: $24.09

20. A versatile14-piece resistance band set that will bend, but won't snap.

Promising Review: "They are guaranteed 99.9% snap resistant due to the construction style of the bands and the components are sturdy and high quality. Everything is double-stitched and made with high quality components." --Hyoun Kim

Price: $39.95

21. And a terry robe with matching bib and booties that makes a shark attacking your child the cutest wittle thing you've ever seen.

Promising Review: "Five out of five stars. Wish I had this when my own babies were born." --P. J. Scott

Price: $32.95 / Also available in pink.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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