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44 Bags You Can Fit Your Entire Life In

wallet ✔️ aspirin ✔️ heels ✔️ ketchup ✔️

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6. This handy mesh bag that zips up flat for storage in your other bag.

7. A reversible tassel tote from Express.

11. This color-blocked satchel in black, white, and cognac.

16. This fair trade handwoven cotton tote.

18. This structured faux leather tote in forest green.

19. This screen-printed canvas tote that holds, ya know . . .

31. This reversible fabric tote that provides 100 meals for children worldwide.

32. These perfect reversible shoulder bags with colorful tassels.

34. This suede fringe bucket bag with studded detailing.

35. This perfectly laid-back tassel hobo bag.

38. This metal-handled reversible carrier.

41. This is a bag shaped like a dolphin.

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