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Awkward Things We Say To Our Teachers

You to your teacher: "Bye, I love you."

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2. Saying to your teacher "I love you"

You're leaving the class. You say bye to your teacher. Accidentally, you saying, "Bye, love you". Your teacher pulls that weird awkward confused face, and you don't think much of what you said until you look back at your teacher who is staring at you, confused. Whoops!

3. Daydreaming whilst staring at your teacher

Class just gets so boring, so you start daydreaming. What you don't realise, is you are awkwardly staring at your strict teacher. They click their fingers in front of you and you've realised what you've done! :|

4. Not listening and getting called on

This is both awkward and embarrassing. You are almost falling asleep in class, and the teacher calls your name. They ask you a question and you have no idea what they are talking about... oops.

5. Accidentally pulling a face at a teacher

You're really hyper, and you start pulling weird faces in the classroom. Whilst pulling a face, you accidentally make eye contact with the teacher... ugh, so awkward.

6. Pouring water on your teacher

You're at the front of the class, and you take a gulp of water. You take the water out of your mouth, directing the bottle forward (away from your mouth). The water slips from your hand, and completely drenches your teacher. WTF just happened?!

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