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    10 Oahu Adventures To Add To Your Hawaii Travel Bucket List

    Somewhere over the rainbow, the most beautiful places await you.

    1. Enjoy the clearest, most unique tidepools at Makapu'u.

    Chad Podoski / Via Flickr: chadpodoski

    Oahu has so many things to do, and experiencing Makapu'u is one of the best ways to realize the island's beauty. The area's incredibly beautiful beach has soft sand and clear water as far as the eye can see, but what makes Makapu'u unique is a large tide pool right next to a blowhole. The tidepool itself is more on the shallow side, which means that it isn't a difficult swim if you're looking to jump in.

    Pro tip: Be careful of the occasional large wave that comes into the tidepool, as it can sweep you away to sea if you have your back turned. Also, the rocks slightly above the tidepool are a great place for your valuables before your swim.

    2. Hike through World War II history to see Oahu from the top at Lanikai Pillboxes.

    Brian Hancock / Via Flickr: brianmedia

    The Lanikai Pillboxes hike offers the most jaw dropping views you'll find anywhere for such an easy trail. The "pillboxes" themselves are left over from the United States' efforts during World War II, but go today and you'll find unique graffiti from different people. The first 10 minutes of the hike are a little steep, but it only takes another 15 to get there to see a great view of such a scenic island.

    Pro tip: You can find the hike's entrance by searching for its sign, which is near the Mid-Pacific Country Club. Make sure to also keep quiet and pick up your trash around the area - there is a thriving neighborhood around the hike.

    3. Taste the best Hawaiian food at Helena's in Kalihi.

    Carlton Chong / Via Flickr: reelmemories

    When you're talking about traditional Hawaiian food at a great price with wonderful service, Helena's Hawaiian Food has to come to mind. Every traditional Hawaiian dish including Kalua Pig, Pipkaula Short Ribs, Lomi Lomi Slamon, and more is here to satisfy your taste buds. Helena's has been regarded as one of the best places on Oahu since founder Helen Chock opened up in 1946, bringing Oahu its fix of amazing traditional food.

    Must try: Combo C - Kalua Pig, Lomi Salmon and Pipikaula Short Ribs

    4. Get lost in cool waters and cleaer sunsets at Haleiwa Beach Park on the North Shore.

    Floyd Manzano / Via Flickr: 88533186@N07

    Oahu's North Shore is famous for featuring the world's most iconic beaches, and those looking to enjoy it without such a giant commotion should check out Haleiwa Beach Park in the charming town of Haleiwa. Sunsets here are in perfect view, the water is on the cooler side, and the beach is wide enough to carve out your own space. It's time for that long walk on the beach you've always wanted.

    Pro tip: It actually is pretty common to see turtles on the shoreline, and they are usually active in the day. However, make sure you observe them from a distance and give them their space - they are an especially protected species in Hawaii.

    5. Get a view of the other islands by hiking to the top of Koko Head.

    Will Chen / Via Flickr: willchen

    If you're flying to Oahu, chances are you'll notice the Koko Head crater from above. The Koko Crater Trail allows you to climb to the top of it and get great views of Oahu and other Hawaiian Islands on a clear day. The trail is steep, so bring good shoes and remember of course to pack water for the long trek. It's all worth it, and this is the perfect hike if you want to feel like the king of the world.

    Pro tip: If you need to stock up on goods before your hike, check out the nearby Koko Marina Shopping Center. Also, beware of the steps and be careful, as the concrete can get a bit slippery after rain.

    6. Savor amazing noodles at Marukame Udon in Waikiki or Downtown.

    Jennifer Cachola / Via Flickr: bullydogd90

    Most locals will tell you that they'll avoid Waikiki when possible, but a trip to eat at Marukame Udon often serves as the exception. You can see the thick noodles being made when you come in, and you can customize your udon with toppings like green onions and tempura batter after you order. It helps that Marukame's prices are on the cheaper side, and there's also a variety of tempura and musubis to choose from if you're somehow still hungry.

    Must try: Curry udon, teriyaki chicken rice bowl

    7. Catch great views of legendary waves by hiking to Ka'ena Point State Park.

    Im Me / Via Flickr: imme

    One of the most surreal hikes you can do on Oahu is situated at Ka'ena Point, which is at the westernmost tip of the island. There are trails on the northern side and the southern side, with both sides offering a great look at big waves and even some seals and birds. It's easy to enjoy being surrounded by the mix of mountains and water, and both ways won't kill your feet too much.

    Pro tip: Wear sunscreen, bring water, and wear comfortable shoes - both trails offer little shade, especially during hot days.

    8. See a beautifully clear blue sea at Waimanalo Beach Park on the Windward side.

    .matter. / Via Flickr: matterphotography

    When you ask people what stands out to them the most at Waimanalo, they'll usually say the water. The turquoise color of the sea is absolute ecstasy for your eyes, and the soft sand and windy breeze helps the experience. There's also usually a ton of parking and Ono Steaks and Keneke's are nearby by just in case you need some food to accompany you in this paradise.

    Pro tip: Just as you would with many public beach bathrooms, make sure you bring someone with you when you have to go. Make sure to also beware of any Portuguese man o' war jelly fish in the winter.

    9. Have a tasty, colorful shave ice at Waiola Shave Ice in Moiliili.

    binoicgrrrl / Via Flickr: bionicgrrl

    Remember the best snow cone you've ever had? It doesn't matter, because a shave ice at Waiola is a thousand times better. Where snow cones are usually crunchy and hard, shave iced is soft, fluffy, and comes in a variety of flavors. Waiola has been a longtime staple on Oahu and uses its own blended flavors, and as any local will tell you that there is no better way to cool off than with a shaved ice.

    Must try: Rainbow shave ice with snow cap

    10. Swim, snorkel, kayak, or relax at Makaha Beach Park on the west side.

    Maik-T. Šebenik / Via Flickr: photographrdotnet

    Whether you want to snorkel, kayak, surf, or just go for a swim, Makaha allows you great conditions to do it all. The beach is spacious, the usually sunny conditions of Oahu's west side make the water temperature great, and there are lifeguards watching over in case of anything. Incredibly lively sea life like dolphins, sea turtles, and Hawaii's many colorful fish also make an appearance.

    Pro tip: The current can vary, so make sure that you're always aware of any signs before you head into the water. Also, park close to the beach, and not in the lot across the street - it'll be easier to keep an eye on your car.

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