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    27 New Car Features That Prove We're Living In The Damn Future

    Your next car is going to be something incredible.

    1. Built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots for always staying connected on the road.

    2. Cameras that see everything around your car, not just behind it.

    3. Trunks that automatically open even if your hands are full.


    Why It's Cool: It's always a nightmare trying to open your trunk when your hands are full with groceries or beach stuff; you usually end up trying to kick your trunk open or do some awkward hand dance move to make it work. The 2015 Kia Sedona helps you out by automatically opening your trunk when it detects your smart key in your pocket, and is even programmable for safety and easy access.

    4. Windows that clean themselves and deflect liquid automatically.

    5. A built-in vacuum for spontaneous spills and cleaning spells.

    6. NASA-approved car seats that prevent fatigue on long drives.

    7. Car seats that can actually give you a massage while being heated or cooled.

    Mercedes-Benz USA

    Why It's Cool: Being able to warm or cool car seats in cars like the 2015 Kia Sedona and 2015 Ford Edge is awesome. Mercedes-Benz's line of S-Class cars takes it to the next level and has six massage modes built into the car seat, including "hot stone" and "workout" massage modes for feeling relaxed and invigorated after those long days.

    8. Lighter cars, thanks to the use of military-grade aluminum.

    9. Brakes and cameras that automatically keep you in the center of the lane.

    10. Cars that recognize traffic light changes and count down until the next green light.

    11. Heated wiper blades that melt ice and snow to keep everything clear.

    12. Way more gas-efficient engines and motors.

    13. Push button shifting for easy adjustments while on the road.

    14. GPS that automatically analyzes traffic and finds the best way around it.

    15. A sunfroof that automatically blocks light and lets you see what you want to.

    16. Sensors that learn your driving style and can detect when you're too tired to drive.

    17. An alternator that recycles energy for your car and saves gas.

    18. Access to your Android or iPhone without having to grab them while driving.

    19. Built-in night vision and radar detection for avoiding objects and wilderness.

    20. Interfaces that recognize and automatically respond to your voice.

    21. Car systems that alert you and automatically brake before a potential accident.

    22. Speakers that provide actual surround sound.

    23. Automatic stop and start engines to save gas during those traffic jams.

    24. High beams that automatically adjust to not blind everyone else on the road.

    25. Automatic parallel and perpendicular parking systems.

    26. Crash detection sensors that get you the help you need, fast.

    27. Cars that drive themselves.