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    7 Ways "Friends" Held Up Antiquated Gender Stereotypes And 5 Ways They Said, "Eff The Patriarchy"

    Could the answer be anymore gray...

    1. Didn't defy: Women being seen as helpless "daddy's little girls."

    2. Did defy: Having a male nanny.

    3. Didn't defy: Having different life expectations for men and women.

    4. Did defy: Parents sharing wedding expenses.

    5. Didn't defy: Men being ridiculed for wearing makeup.

    6. Did defy: Guys using face masks and caring about their skin routines.

    7. Didn't defy: Having to be married if you have a child.

    8. Did defy: Men wearing accessories.

    9. Didn't defy: The rigid concept of a "guys' apartment" vs. a "girls' apartment."

    10. Did defy: Boys playing with dolls.

    11. Didn't defy: Acting like a "stereotypical" woman.

    12. And finally, didn't defy: Joey doesn't want 'girl' decor