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Aug 2018
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    bethf453536b33 commented on Which Fictional Women From Books Are Your Favorite?

    Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter! Growing up being considered a weirdo by everyone in school, it helped me a lot to know that I wasn’t alone. She’s an awesome friend to Harry and believed in him when almost no one did. She fights for what she believes in. Also, even if people always… 


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    bethf453536b33 commented on What Are Some Popular Cookies In Your Country?

    In Canada, well at least where I live, the most popular cookie would have to be those maple leaf. They have a creamy middle made with maple and are shaped like maple leaf. There’s a lot of brand that makes them, but the one from David are, in my opinion, the best with their leaf-like… 


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    bethf453536b33 commented on Which Moment Where Someone Acted Completely Out Of Character In A TV Show Or Movie Annoyed You?

    On Glee, when Rachel Berry quit her role as Fanny in Funny Girl on Broadway, which was her dream and all she talked about for years, for a TV show. All she talked about for five years was Broadway, New York and her dreams and, after she achieved this, she just left everything to go… 


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    bethf453536b33 commented on What's The Best Literary-Inspired Halloween Costume You've Ever Had?

    Queen Little Red Riding Hood from The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer. I don’t have a picture of me and my friends, but one of us was dressed as Goldilocks and another as Froggy, from the same books. I had to explained why my Little Red Riding Hood wore a crown all day, but… 


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    bethf453536b33 commented on Show Us Your Best Couples Halloween Costumes

    We were Anger and Sadness, inspired by Inside Out, last Halloween


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