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18 Things That Happen When You Move From The South To The North

Where's my sweet tea?!

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1. People stare when you say "y'all."


What? Am I supposed to say "you guys"? Please.

2. No restaurant will be able to fry chicken like your grandma.


If you're going to serve this monstrosity, at least don't call it "Southern-fried." That's blasphemous.

3. No one appreciates college football quite as much as they do back home.


4. You freak out when it snows, and no one understands why.


What is this stuff? Does this happen all the time? THIS IS AWESOME!

5. You'll miss the beaches you used to visit.


Let's face it: No Northern beach will ever live up to Panama City Beach, Gulf Shores, or Orange Beach.

6. You'll learn to shop in smaller markets.

Big grocery stores like Target and Publix are extremely scarce in big cities. It's the four-aisle market two blocks over for you!

7. People are shocked at your politeness.


8. You'll cry with joy when you meet another Southerner.

The CW

9. Sweet tea is just not an option that's available to you.


10. Some people will assume you grew up on a dirt road with no power.


11. While everyone else is dying from the summer heat, it won't bother you at all...

Polydor / Interscope

"Oh, this? This is nothing. There was a week straight where we had over 100-degree weather. In October."

12. ...but you'll have to buy an entirely new wardrobe for winter.


13. Your friends from home will have a million questions.


"What's it like up there? Do you take a cab everywhere? Is it like Sex and the City?"

14. All your friends and family will use you as an excuse to visit the city.


15. You'll get used to either walking or using public transportation.


16. You'll be amazed at all the cultural opportunities at your fingertips.

Paramount Pictures

17. You'll get used to people gawking at your accent.

Working Title Films

Even if you didn't think you had one, everyone automatically picks up on it.

18. And even though you love your new home, you'll always rep the South.

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