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8 Times Superwoman Was The Best

"What up everyone it's your girl Superwoman."

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1. When she was all of us listening to our parents rant.

2. When she spoke for all of us.

Who needs love when there's pizza?

3. When she was all of us at 3am.

This is the ~perfect~ time to recall that incident when you accidentally fell over and showed your knickers in assembly when you were seven. What better to do?

4. When she was all of us with a crush.

"Tee hee!"

5. When she had this amazing response to THAT. QUESTION.

6. And when she felt our frustration when on our periods.

Or sometimes seven. Or maybe three if you're one of those insanely lucky people.

7. When she gave out this sage advice.

8. And this also sage advice.

*wipes tear from eye*

Keep on doing your thing, iiSuperwomanii!

We love you. 💗

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