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London On Instagram Vs. In Real Life

Is this the real life? Is this just Instagram?

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Taking the Tube: On Instagram

Taking the Tube: IRL

Walking along Oxford Street: On Instagram

Walking along Oxford Street: IRL

Riding the London Eye: On Instagram

Riding the London Eye: IRL

Going to the Pub: On Instagram

Going to the Pub: IRL

Eating Fish & Chips: On Instagram

Eating Fish and Chips: IRL

GNO in London: On Instagram

GNO in London: IRL

Afternoon Tea: On Instagram

Afternoon Tea: IRL

Strolling through Hyde Park: On Instagram

Strolling through Hyde Park: IRL

Double-Decker Buses: On Instagram

Double-Decker Buses: IRL

Abbey Road Crossing: On Instagram

Abbey Road Crossing: IRL

Platform 9 3/4: On Instagram

Platform 9 3/4: IRL

Shopping at Harrods: On Instagram

Shopping at Harrods: IRL

Hungover Brunch: On Instagram

Hungover Brunch: IRL

London Bridge: On Instagram

Lond Bridge: IRL

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