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22 Things You Don't Miss So Much About College

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the library (stu)dying.

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1. When you are rushing to get to class and the people in front of your are walking at a sloth's pace.

2. When you've been envisioning a super cute outfit to wear out, but then realize your friend borrowed it and never gave it back.

3. When a mystery person commits this unspeakable act.

But you never find out who did it.

4. When your prof visibly licks his finger before giving you a handout.

And you're just sitting there in utter disbelief

Like honesty, was it?

5. When you're at the library and you can hear the music of the person beside you through their headphones.

Bonus points if they have accompanying dance moves.

Sorry, I wasn't aware that Dubstep qualified as "study music."

6. When you realize you forgot to print something for class but your printer is out of ink.

Pray 4 me.

7. When your classmates get out of an exam and start frantically discussing the exam questions.

To sassily quote the words of Lady Macbeth, "WHAT'S DONE IS DONE, B*TCHES."

8. When a brand new clothing items shrinks and you didn't even put it in the dryer.

Curse you, student housing laundry!!!

9. When you come home for the holidays and your parents tell you you "look different."

No really, what do you mean by "different?"

10. When you submit an assignment due at midnight at 11:59 and narrowly avoid a panic attack.

11. When you wake up with a hangover that is TOTALLY worse than your last hangover.

12. But you still have to schlep yourself to the library.

13. And in response to this indescribably awful hangover, you vow never to drink again.

14. But naturally, you resume your drinking that very night.

The vicious-est of all cycles.

15. When all your friends are done exams before you, and you pretend to be all happy for them and such

When inside you're like

16. When you are down to your last pair of underwear and must face the daunting task of doing laundry.

Unless you want to start hanging out with this crew...

Erm, thanks but no thanks.

17. When the Wi-Fi in your house never actually ever functions properly.


18. When your late night eats consist of enough poutine to feed an entire family

And you subsequently hate yourself the next morning.

19. When your house runs out of toilet paper, but no one wants to buy more.

So you resort to the oldest trick in the book: Kleenex.

*mentally prepares self to wipe with kleenex*

*mentally prepares self to wipe with kleenex*

20. When you have to move out of your house, which realistically hasn't been properly cleaned in, like, 4 years.

21. When it's the night before the last exam of your university career and you just can't anymore.

22. But nevertheless, you made it through. ConGrads!

Now, to figure out what you're gonna do with the rest of your life...

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