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    19 Reasons "Arthur" Was The Best Kids Show Of Our Generation

    As a wise man once said, "having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card!"

    1. It proved that going to the library is loads of fun for everyone!

    2. They ate ice cream literally ALL THE TIME.

    3. It taught us how to spell "aardvark."

    4. It gave us some great style tips.

    5. There was a musical episode. A FREAKING MUSICAL EPISODE!

    6. Buster was always the bunny-embodiment of all our thoughts.

    7. Arthur could fit a whole cake in his mouth.

    8. Muffy was the original BuzzFeeder.

    9. D.W. mastered the stank eye before it was even a thing.

    10. Binky foreshadowed the internet's future obsession with cats.

    11. It made arts and crafts look so gosh darn fun.

    12. It taught us that teachers are real people with real lives and real homes.

    13. And that some teachers can make school an enjoyable place.

    14. Arthur encouraged us to walk to school by making it look like the most exciting activity in the world.

    15. Arthur's glasses magically stayed on his head without ears or a nose for support.

    16. D.W. always asked the important questions in life.

    17. Buster took us through the awkward stage of the "first kiss."

    18. Arthur and the gang were very culturally diverse.

    19. Art Garfunkel made a guest appearance on the show to sing the Ballad of Buster Baxter.