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19 Daily Struggles Of Riding The Tube

Just how far underground are we?

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1. When everyone around you seems to be in a massive rush.

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2. When YOU are in a massive rush and everyone around you is taking their sweet-ass time exiting the station.

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3. When the doors close before you even have a chance to get on the train.

4. When the doors close on you.


5. When there are no empty seats.

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6. When the temperature on the train is indescribably warm.


7. When people cram themselves onto the train even though there is literally no goddamn space.


8. When the next train isn't arriving for another FOUR WHOLE MINUTES.

9. Trying to figure out which exit you need to take out of the station.

10. When the person in front of you is holding up traffic because their oyster card keeps getting rejected.

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11. When YOU are that person.


12. Being instructed to "mind the gap" eighty thousand times per station.

13. When the train abruptly comes to a halt in the middle of a dark tunnel.

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14. When someone thinks that their bag deserves a seat more than you.

15. When you get on the train just before the doors close.


16. When you're on a jam packed train during rush hour and your face is in someone's armpit.


Oh, the horror!

17. When someone is standing on the walking side of the escalator.

Warner Bros.

18. When you've missed the last train of the night and you are forced to take the (dramatic pause) ~NIGHT BUS~


19. And perhaps most irritating of all, when there are cheeky ghosts riding the tube.

Only in London.
Twitter: @Renzo_Soprano

Only in London.

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