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    17 Ways To Be A Cool Dad As Told By Phil Dunphy From "Modern Family"

    He's not like all the other dads. He's a cool dad.

    1. Learn all the High School Musical dances.

    2. Convince yourself that Harry Potter is REAL.

    3. Make sure you're completely in tune with the lingo of today's youths.

    4. Open yourself up to the hobbies of your children.

    5. Play it cool in front of your kids' friends.

    6. Deliver fatherly advice to your children.

    7. Calmly and patiently teach your kids how to drive.

    8. Keep it realer than real.

    9. Always be blossoming with pop-culture references.

    10. Don't be afraid to #YOLO.

    11. Live life like you're in a Jason Derulo song.

    12. When your kids get excited, you must get excited too.

    13. Become a master of puns.

    14. Immerse yourself in the awesomeness that is modern 3D technology.

    15. Demonstrate your professional problem-solving skills.

    16. Take the occasional trip to the ~wild side~.

    17. Be confident in your radiating coolness.

    And eventually, you might convince your kids that you are an ACTUAL cool dad.