17 Very Real Problems Only Gingers Will Understand

I got 99 problems, but a tan ain’t one.

1. You are constantly getting mistaken for other gingers.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via imgfave.com

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t all look alike.

2. Your friends ridicule you when you return from a tropical vacation without a tan.

SNL Pictures / Via imgfave.com

Just FYI, “tanned ginger” - oxymoron.

3. You struggle to find a patch of shade while your friends frolic in the sun.

Lakeshore Entertainment / Via icallthemlikeiseethem.tumblr.com

4. You have been asked whether or not you have a soul.

Warner Bros.

Thanks a lot, South Park.

5. People regularly assume you are Irish.

TriMark Pictures / Via howdyyal.wordpress.com

Sure, let me just get out my leprechaun suit and pot of gold and we’ll call it a day!

6. You get blamed for arbitrary things simply because you have red hair.


7. You can’t wear certain colours because they will clash with your hair.

SNL Studios / Via now-here-this.timeout.com

But I don’t even own any pink. #gingerproblems

8. You have been a victim of this infamous and rather aggressive holiday.

Yup, this actually occurred.

9. It ain’t easy being a ginger seal either.


10. Or a ginger celeb.

I keep attracting Ginger dudes who want to chat to me about thier problems with being Ginger. It's abit weird

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran)

We feel you, Ed.

11. You get sunburnt despite smothering your body with sunscreen.

Yes, that is SPF 100+. If you’re not a ginger, you probs didn’t know that even existed.

…so this is literally the only solution.

12. The authenticity of your hair colour is constantly being questioned.

SNL Studios / Via weheartit.com

BLOODY YES, you can’t buy a colour this fab at the hair salon honey.

13. You hang out with another redheaded and people automatically assume you’re twins.

Walt Disney Pictures

We can’t all be Hallie and Annie. Soz.

14. You have been called a Weasley.

Warner Bros.

Althought tbh, I really wouldn’t mind being in that family.

15. When the sun reflects off your ghostly pale skin, you become momentarily blinded.

Temple Hill Entertainment / Via foreveryoungadult.com

We’re talkin Edward Cullen level pale here.

16. You’ve been told to dress up as a gingerbread man for Halloween.

Living proof that gingers are the masters of puns.

17. This horrific reality.

Pray 4 us.

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