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18 Struggles Canadians Encounter When Travelling Abroad

It ain't easy being on the Eh-Team.

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1. Locals regularly assume you are American.

No offence ;)

2. If you're travelling in the month of May, you will have to watch the hockey playoffs at an ungodly hour.

And nobody even cares.

3. People give you weird looks when you go out of your way to hold the door open for them.

4. You go through Tim Hortons bagel withdrawal because bagels aren't really a thing abroad and Tim Hortons sure as hell isn't either.

5. People presume you speak French because "doesn't everyone in Canada speak French?"

Maybe better than Joey, but that's not saying much.

6. You can never be too sure when your flight is because of the whole DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY thing.

7. People seem perplexed when they ask you what your background is and you say "Canadian."

Sorry if that's not exotic enough for you.

8. Sometimes, people are surprised to find out that Canada has a warm season (however short it may be).

It's called "Summer." You may have heard of it.

9. You can't get a Bloody Caesar. ANYWHERE.

It's actually tragic.

It's actually tragic.

And when you try to describe what a Bloody Caesar is to a foreigner, they are utterly repulsed.

10. You also can't get poutine anywhere :(

Unless you want crappy imitation poutine that looks like this:

Nice try.

Nice try.

11. You realize that other nationalities say "eh" more than you even though Canadians are supposedly notorious for it.

12. You leave your cab driver a very generous tip and he just looks at you like:

Because you later find out that tipping is not customary in that country.

13. People might curse you for giving the world the gentlemanly figure that is Justin Bieber.

14. But we also gave you guys Drakeo Malfoy so cut us some slack plz!

15. You get teased for the way you say "out and about" even though you don't see anything wrong with it.

16. Some people you encounter may ask you: "Oh! Do you know so-and-so? He/she lives in Canada!"

Hmm, you seem to underestimate the size of Canada.

17. And some people you encounter may not even know where exactly Canada is at all...

18. But most interestingly of all, don't be surprised if you meet someone who is under the impression that you are immortal.

I weep for humanity.

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