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The Most Annoying Things That People Do On Depop

I love Depop. It's a great way to make money from old clothes and replace them with new ones! However, it has got to be said, that there are some pretty annoying people out there that do pretty annoying things. Ask any Depop user. It's a fact. Here's a list of the most annoying things that people do on Depop.

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1. Try to buy an item for an insultingly low price.


There was no other option to start the list. "Can you go any lower?" has got to be the Depop seller's number one nag. No honey, I'm already selling for a fraction of what it's worth. If it's listed for £20, please don't offer me £3.50.

2. Ask how much shipping is, when the listing states how much shipping is.


Open your eyes, for goodness sake! I didn't write it just for fun. If the shipping price is listed, then that's how much shipping is.

3. Like all of your items but never actually buy anything.


Okay, so it's nice to show support to fellow Depopers now and then. Maybe you've liked a few items that you're saving for later. But then you get those people that like every single item you list and never actually buy a thing.

4. Ask for a photo of you wearing an item.. and then don't buy it.


I don't have all the time in the world, Janice! Sure I'll take a photo in the jumper I'm selling for a fiver but you better make it worth the effort and cough up.

5. Ask for precise measurements of clothes when you've already listed the size.


Pleeeeease. If I say it's a size 10, it's a size 10. Zara ain't gonna give you measurements of the wrist circumference, are they!

6. Message asking if you're interested in buying when you literally never said you were interested in buying.


This one bugs me. It's the internet equivalent of someone asking what you're looking for in a shop. I didn't like your item. I didn't follow you. I didn't message you. So why on earth do I want to buy your used bikini that's 6 sizes too small and so last year? I'll pass, but thanks.

7. Tell you they're going to buy an item and then don't.


Manners, people! If you change your mind, I won't hunt you down, but don't just stop replying when I've got an item on hold. RUDE.

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