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You Can Make Your Own Friendship Rings In London And Its Pretty Awesome

Get the whole squad together and design then make your own friendship rings from scratch. Made with silver, so they don't go green on the finger, these rings will stand the test of time, so take the girls you plan on making your bridesmaids!

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Think up your design.

Roderick Vere / Via

The first step is to choose the most important people in your life. Then you've got to think up a design that you all love. Will you guys stay subtle and perhaps create some stacking rings? Or are you going bold? Maybe you could make your best friends wear a silver version of your face for the rest of their lives? It's up to you, whatever floats your boat. You're in the driver's seat.

Create your masterpiece from a lump of silver, if that's the technical term...

Roderick Vere / Via

What starts off as a tiny little blob, turns into a beautiful creation. Roderick Vere, the tutor for these classes, is a pro. With his help and guidance you learn how to melt down silver, shape it into a mold and create the design you want. Its recommended to keep it simple on the first go, but who know what you'll create. Roderick Vere's designs sell on Etsy and Not On The Highstreet. He's from East London as well, so you know this guy is cool. We're not messing around here, these rings are a commitment. They are top of the range.

So you're sold? Wait till you see the price.

Roderick Vere / Via

So you fancy making a friendship ring. Perhaps you're gonna take your boyfriend, make him wear a symbol of your love without the diamond. Well, either way, you're not going to break the bank. For only £50 you can make this class. That's the equivalent of a Pandora ring, but one of the really basic ones, the ones you buy for your second-cousin-twice-removed, not someone you actually like. For £50 you can make a mark on your friendship groups fingers permanently because, remember, these are real silver. They'll last a lifetime. Let's just hope your friendship does too!

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