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    • beth123

      ok they are trying to say this case is not or should not be about ethnicity. Okay, lets put the shoe on the other foot. If it wasablack person who shotawhite person and got away with it (which probably would never happen) what do you think the outcome would of been? This is about ethnicity. Look at all the comments that are being post by the majority. The people who disagree with the verdict(mainly blacks) are called idiots, ignorant, etc.
      They should of charge him with something. If he would of listen to the 911 dispatcher, remained in his car because he claimed he was so scared, none of this would of taken place. Another thing, why was he patrolling withagun? His intention was to kill from the beginning. Butiguess when defending yourself any outcome is possible right? If Trayon hadaweaponIcan understand the reason he shot him but he didnt. The fight should of beenaclean fight once no weapons were involved.
      Sorry to say we have some people that are sitting on their brains. Welcome to America, the land where you are free to kill and do just about anything and get away with it(depending on color, status, etc). God need to bless america and bless people with common “sense”.

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