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Dancers Book The Best Entertainment videos ,Arabic songs,World belly dance and legends index رقص شرقى
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    Specialized Social Media, As now the most famous and well known websites on the internet is the social media websites as Facebook, twitter, Instagram , Youtube ,and others ; As I am interested in dancing I get lost trying to find what I am looking for on those social media as its very wide open so I thought about specialized social media , for example Dance and dancers , That’s why I created [ Dancers Book] and I wish all dancers to be members there so they can get to know more about each other and to make it easy for people interested in different dance style to find and see there videos and can contact them easily , Also think about festival organizers that can go to one place and check all the dancers and contact them instead of searching all around , some one that wants to make a party or a wedding planner need to hire or contact a dancer can easily go to and see a video to the dancer which they need to hire and contact her/him is a place to help dancers make a free publicity in a specialized place were the viewers are interested and looking for what the dancers can show; Dance fans can see videos from different dance style and get to know more about there beloved dancer without trying to go here and there to see some videos in a place and some in another and get the info about the dancer from a third place I hope my idea is helpful and I hope dancers help me to promote it and improve it , can tell me any suggestions or a helpful idea will be great Dancers Book

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