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    7 Totally 'Off The Wall' Ideas For Upcycling Old Radiators

    Why bother with cash from the scrap metal yard when you can get creative and make old metal stuff new? Here are 7 totally 'off the wall' ideas for transforming old radiators!

    Make A 'Comfortable' Chair


    Though probably about as comfortable as a bed of rusty nails, putting two old rads together to make a chair could revolutionize your front room!

    Go Green With A Garden Table!

    MulticolouredPieces / Via

    Why not make your own radiator garden table? I'd leave the plants though and stick a Subbuteo pitch on there! Who remember Subbuteo? Nobody! I must be getting old.

    Lounge about with a radiator lounger

    Joe Wolf / Via

    Award winning design. Ultra Stylish. Massively uncomfortable? Be the envy of your mates or the cause of their bad back. The choice is yours with a radiator sun lounger.

    Make and take a rad for a ride!

    Neodim / Via

    Up your level of genius and turn your old radiator into a push bike!

    Make a funky coffee table

    Recycled Interiors / Via

    Ok, it's not going to keep your coffee warm, but you could always fill it with booze and stick a tap on one of the outlets. #alwaysthinking

    Start a radiator sheep farm

    Sophie Marsham / Via

    It's totally illegal to go sheep rustling, so why not rustle one up out of an old radiator and a bit of copper piping? It's sure to be totally baaaad ass!

    Make the funkiest radiator lamp the world has ever seen

    Fabio Gervasoni / Via

    Like something from the Pixar universe, this radiator lamp idea could light up your world better than Wall-E and Eva on steroids!

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