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We Had Wine Snobs Apply Their Palates To Alcoholic Soda

There are 1,025,109 words in the English language, and probably half have been used to describe booze. But you don’t have to be a snob to appreciate the taste of BEST DAMN Root Beer, BEST DAMN Cherry Cola, and BEST DAMN Apple Ale.

Nick — a fan of cabernet franc and rich, chewy merlots — started things off with a classic BEST DAMN Root Beer.

"It's sort of sweet on the nose with a dry finish."

A sentiment that Noah, an expert in Bordeaux beer pong, echoed: "Sweet but not too sweet."

Enter Darris, an aficionado of Reisling and rocky road, who chose the Root Beer.

"I think this would pair well with vanilla ice cream."

And Alex, who's savvy about sauvignon...

...suggested that its creamy, slightly sweet taste might help balance the flavors of barbecue.

Chris, who enjoys long walks on the beach and the soothing sounds of '90s R&B, went for the BEST DAMN Apple Ale.

"What I'm doing right now is assessing the 'legs,' which — at least with wine — reveal the trails that tannins leave on the sides of the glass after swirling."

Megan, a fan of dry wines, also tried the Apple Ale and found it had a fairly sweet bouquet...

...somewhat reminiscent of a traditional cider...

...while renowned tastemaker Jelani favored its lightness...

...but wasn't sure what (if any) impact that terroir may have had on its flavor profile.

And meme curator and boxed wine sommelier James opted for the Cherry Cola.

"It tastes like it's been aged."

While partners in crime Lily and Annie picked the BEST DAMN Cherry Cola...

...who both felt it had a robust flavor.

We agree. BEST DAMN brews may not inspire poetic descriptions among everyone, but their bold flavor will at least inspire your taste buds.

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