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​The Best Damn Ways To Crack A Beer Without An Opener

The Renaissance was OK, but mankind’s most impressive innovations have resulted from the desire to start happy hour without the necessary tools. And BEST DAMN brews taste great no matter how you crack them open.

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1. Lighter

Form a circle with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and use this hand to grip the top of the bottle. Then, with your other hand, wedge a lighter under the circle you just formed and use it as a fulcrum to apply upward pressure until the cap pops off.

2. Keys

Take out your keys and use the key’s edge to prime the bottle for opening by slightly lifting each side of the cap. Then mimic the same technique as the lighter method described above to finish the job.

3. Countertop

Angle the bottle so that the cap is resting gently on the edge of a countertop or table. Make a fist with your free hand and use the outside edge of your palm to strike the bottle cap in a smooth downward motion.

4. Strike plate

Find a standard strike plate in a doorjamb. Many strike plates are essentially shaped like a traditional bottle opener and can be leveraged to crack open beers in a similar fashion.

5. Ring

Press the bottle cap into the underside of your ring finger and angle so that it catches on the edge of the ring. Keep the cap locked in place against the ring and tilt until open.

6. Belt buckle

Remove your belt and place the buckle against the bottle cap so that one edge catches underneath the cap while the opposing edge rests on top as an anchor. Slowly tilt the buckle upward, raising the edge of the cap until it releases.

7. Sabrage

Better yet, use an actual sword. Ensure that you are standing in an area that is clear of other people. Using a sharp-edged tool (such as a machete), slide the blade up the neck of the bottle and away from you in a sweeping motion to separate the collar and neck of the bottle.

8. A copy of James Joyce’s modernist masterpiece Ulysses

First, procure a copy of the sprawling novel Ulysses written by acclaimed Irish writer James Joyce. Next, use the edge of this groundbreaking narrative to strike the bottle cap from below by thumping the bottom of the book’s spine with your palm. Repeat until the esteemed tome successfully lops the cap from the bottle. (This may take several attempts.)

9. Mind control

For those of you with the ability to move objects with your mind: Press your fingers against your temples, furrow your brow, and will the bottle cap to pop off the bottle using the power of your mind.

10. Another bottle

What better way to open a bottle of BEST DAMN Root Beer than with a bottle of BEST DAMN Cherry Cola?

Oh wait...these twist off?

Well, that was just about the best damn way to open a bottle that we can think of.

And your reward for bottle-opening ingenuity? The refreshing taste of BEST DAMN Root Beer, BEST DAMN Apple Ale or BEST DAMN Cherry Cola.

Photographs by Lennon / Stone © BuzzFeed

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