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12 Things Gaming Will Teach You That College Won’t

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1. Life has consequences.

You only have a finite number of lives, so don't live recklessly.

2. If you keep losing, it may be time to upgrade your artillery with a few new tricks.

Using different approaches throughout life will help solve a multitude of problems.

3. Collecting coins is actually important.

DuckTales / Walt Disney Television Animation / Via

How else are you supposed to level up and pay your tuition bill?

4. Side missions can be more fun than the main campaign.

Don't be afraid to do your own thing and go out to explore. You never know what you'll come across along the way.

5. There will probably always be someone who is better at this than you, so get used to it.

But just because you're not the best doesn't mean that you're not any good!

6. Occasionally, done is better than perfect, which is preferred over late.

If you spend all your time customizing your gear, you won't make it to the raid on time, and it'll cost you major points on your midterm.

7. Being good at an obscure instrument can open some serious doors.

Moog (2004) / Nowonmedia / Microcinema International / Plexifilm / Via

Your talents are what will help you succeed in life.

8. Everyone finishes levels at their own pace.

Vivo / Teleantioguia 25 / Via

Sure, it's nice to see your name on the scoreboard, but focus on clearing the game, not what everyone else is doing.

9. Some things will fit into place perfectly, and others... won't.

Also, packing can actually be really, really easy.

10. When you're losing, sometimes it's best to take a step back and just rest until your health bounces back.

There's nothing wrong with needing to recharge.

11. Talking to strangers is good.

They will bestow useful information unto you.

12. And most importantly, the princess is almost always in another castle.