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14 Signs You And Your Roommate Need A DIVORCE

Sometimes it's easier to separate, and when that glorious day comes, you can reward yourself with something special from Best Buy to "stifle the pain."

1. They eat little bits of your food because they think you won't notice.

2. The dishes somehow get dirtier AFTER they wash them.

3. They’ve never cleaned their sheets, and it’s making your room smell.

4. They keep their light on far past the appropriate bedtime hour.

5. Then, in the morning, they hit snooze for what feels like an eternity.

6. They don't understand why you don't want to throw a party during finals.

7. They are always in your bathroom.

8. They’ve never purchased toilet paper.

9. You suspect they shave dogs in your bathtub, considering how often the drain is clogged.

10. You always walk in on them using everything you own.

11. And you’re pretty sure they try on your clothes while you’re gone.

12. You have to remind them to perform basic human functions.

13. They think their pranks are clever.

14. But they aren't because they're an idiot.

Get yourself something special at Best Buy this spring to make your roommate regret the day they dared to eat your bacon mac 'n' cheese.