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12 Weird Habits We've All Developed Since The Invention Of Phones

Oh god, the phantom vibrations.

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1. Sending other people photos of our face.

Comedy Central / Via

"Hey! Look at me! Look at this face! LOOK AT MY FACE!"

2. Taking photos of every coffee, drink, and meal.


Did you EVER do this with your disposable cameras?

3. Ending trivia-based arguments in lightning speed.


The answer is truly at our fingertips.

4. Your phone being the last thing you think about before bed and the first thing you think about when you wake up.


Good night moon phone.

5. Feeling legitimate sadness when there's no signal.

BuzzFeed Blue /

"Please don't leave me!"

6. Furiously patting yourself down when you're not sure where your phone is.

IFC / Via

It's become like a reflex, and that's disturbing.

7. When a text chimes, and everyone checks to see if it's theirs (even if they know it's not).

BuzzFeed Video /

This is some Pavlovian sh*t.

8. Pulling out your phone when you feel uncomfortable at a party or any social function, really.

Universal Television, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International / Via

If you don't have anything nice to say...

...text your friend about how awkward you feel.

9. Looking at your phone when you walk.

BuzzFeed Violet /

It's LEGIT dangerous.

10. Looking at your screen for NO reason.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

Just...'cause you hope something happens?

11. Grabbing at your pocket whenever you feel a phantom vibration.

Interscope / Via

Feel it, feel it.

12. And being totally willing to stick your hand in a toilet. / Via


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