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11 Ways Your Phone Can Actually Make You Productive

Step up your productivity game! Along with these apps, the powerful productivity of the Note5 can save you countless hours. See the power for yourself at your local Best Buy.

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1. Mindly — Visual Mind Mapping

How it saves you time: Turn your thoughts into an easy-to-use visual representation with Mindly. This app allows you to structure ideas, brainstorms, project preparations, and notes. By being able to see your thoughts laid out in front of you, you're able to formulate better plans of action, save time by seeing the interconnectivity of your ideas, and inspire new possible tangents.

2. HabitRPG — Habit Formation

How it saves you time: HabitRPG is a habit-forming program that gamifies everything as if it were an RPG in real life. Each task and to-do rewards you with tokens that you can use to reward yourself. If you don't complete a task, your HP level goes down. This is a fun way to save time by enticing you to do the task you wouldn't jump at the chance of doing.

3. Clean Master — Phone Optimization

How it saves you time: Clean Master optimizes your phone to allow it to perform to its highest potential. This app clears junk files by deleting cache and residual files to allow you to reclaim storage, boost speed, and improve the performance of your phone. It also frees up RAM and uninstalls unwanted apps.

7. Convert Everything — Multi-use Unit Conversion

How it saves you time: Conversions are made easy with Convert Everything. Everything from scientific formulas to bra sizes can be converted with this ap. Save time as you no longer have to painstakingly make calculations or unit conversions.

8. Pocket — Article & Video Organizer

How it saves you time: Don't have time to read that article or watch that video? Pocket allows you to keep all items in one location. Instead of having a multitude of tabs open (which slows down your phone) or random URL notes, you can easily organize the things of interest to you.

9. CamCard — Business Card Contact Transfer

How it saves you time: Contact info from business cards is now easily transferred into your contacts with the help of CamCard Free. No worries about losing cards or inputting numbers incorrectly; you can now simply take a picture and keep that networking opportunity alive.

10. Clockwork Tomato — Time Management Visualization

How it saves you time: Time management gets visually represented with Clockwork Tomato. Literally see where you devote your time and areas where you need to improve. This self-evaluation allows you to save time by reducing the time you're wasting.

11. ReceiptPal — Receipts Organizer

How it saves you time: Need receipts for taxes? Reimbursements? Monthly budgets? Well you can now house all your receipts in one location with ReceiptPal. You no longer need to hoard crumbled-up receipts or look back at bank statements since all transactions can be documented with a simple click of the camera.

Now that you've saved all that time, stop into Best Buy and check out the Note5 today!