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20 Things We Did On The Computer In 2006 That We'll Never Do Again

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1. Watch < 10-minute videos in glorious 240p and then rate them out of five stars.

2. Print out driving directions in a computer lab that looked like this...

3. ...where you'd accidentally snap off the miniature plastic keyboard legs.

4. Bug your friends to sign up for this invitation-only ~beta~ email service.

5. Upload mirror selfies you took with a standalone digital camera.

6. Copy and paste HTML code that reduced your profile into a garish, unreadable, autoplaying mess...

7. ...but still agonize over who you could trim from your finely pruned Top 8.

8. Ask this guy your deepest, darkest search queries.

9. Read and bury news stories on the *original* front page of the internet.

10. Download an mp3 over DSL, and then feel personally wronged by the seeder who mislabeled it.

11. Go PKing in the Wilderness.

12. Scribble an angst-ridden tracklist onto the CD-R you burned from low-bit .WMA files.

13. Own a loud-AF external DVD drive...

14. you could rip your movies into giant .ISO files...

15. ...only to end up watching them on a tiny, two-inch screen with a couple hours of battery life.

16. Pay $40 for a 512MB flash drive and wonder how you'll ever need that much space.

17. Open multiple windows of this browser 'cause tabs weren't a thing yet, and you didn't know any better.

18. Dream of one day owning a Pocket PC — a computer that fits in the palm of your hand!

19. Adjust the position of your cutting-edge, state-of-the-art webcam...

20. ...which took ultra-high-res pics like this:

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