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11 Things We Use Our Phones For That We Probably Shouldn't

It's time to evolve. The brand-new Samsung Galaxy S7 is available now at Best Buy. Do some things you should do on the phone of the future.

1. Putting people on blast with unannounced speaker phone.

2. Storing all your important passwords and notes so anyone who buys or steals your phone hits the lottery.

3. Texting while someone is trying to have an actual, real-life conversation with you.

4. A replacement for a human when you're sleeping.

5. Bathroom reading.

6. Creeping on your ex.

7. Dating in general.

8. Taking photos of food.

Why do we do this?

9. Arguing with someone through text messages.

10. Selfies.

11. Making it a boombox in public places.

Do some things you should do on the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

Available now at Best Buy.