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15 Practical College Courses That Would Be Great For Life After School

Just sayin'... "Drama 2312: Acting Excited When Your Friend Gets Engaged" would be pretty helpful.

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1. Fashion 0014: Looking Put Together in 10 Minutes or Fewer

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Course Description: In Fashion 0014, the course will cover contouring, dry shampoo, ironing methods, odor-fighting practices, cosmetology, and other techniques to help students appear professional, put together, and prepared in 10 minutes or fewer.

2. Accounting 1001: Being Frugal and Still Having a Social Life

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Course Description: This courses introduces the concepts and principles behind creating a savings account, following the 50/20/30 rule, and still maintaining an active and entertaining social life.

3. Advanced Technologies 1203: Social Media Growth and Development

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Course Description: This course will cover a variety of social media platforms and various topics in growth and development. Throughout the semester, students will be tested on acceptable hashtag use, privacy settings, accepting your parents' friend requests without ruining your social life, and how to block out all the haters.

4. Intro to Architecture 1224: Apartment Hunting and Avoiding Bad Landlords


Course Description: From the beginning, this course will help students better understand and navigate quality of living standards, negotiating with realtors, legal renters privileges, and how to trap a mouse without ending its life. By the end of the course, you will be expected to find an apartment and respectfully demand the landlord call an exterminator.

5. Culinary 1301: Cutting Onions and How to Cook For Yourself


Course Description: This course is structured to teach essential cutting and cooking techniques as well as ways to store food, cook for yourself, cook for dinner parties, and cut onions without crying. At the end of the course, you will be required to cook a meal and post a flattering photo of it to social media.

6. Mechanics 1407: Changing Car Tires and Oil Without Calling Home

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Course Description: Mechanics 1407 will teach students essential car maintenance methods by introducing them to key components under the hood, negotiation techniques with car mechanics, how to service and repair flat tires, and what to do in case of an emergency.

7. Drama 2312: Acting Excited When Your Friend Gets Engaged

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Course Description: Drama 2312 is a graded course on acting in social settings and the art of "even"-ing when you literally can’t. This hands-on course will put you in social settings where you have to pretend to be happy for somebody’s engagement, compliment a baby that you think is hideous, and seem genuinely interested when you bump into an old classmate from high school.

8. Psychology 2230: Human Sexuality and How Not to Be A Troll on Dating Apps / Via

Course Description: Sexuality and dating is crucial to the human condition and psyche. As dating rituals and techniques evolve, so do our etiquette and behavior. This will be an interactive course where we will discuss how to present yourself on dating apps, keep a conversation without it going south, go on first dates without acting awkward, and keep up with the latest dating apps. By the end of the course, you will be expected to pass a proficiency test where you will be asked to swipe, match, converse, date, and dazzle a person of interest.

9. Business 2041: Being Assertive and Surviving an Internship

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Course Description: This intensive course will provide students with the crucial skills necessary to navigate the working world as an intern. Students will be expected to attend interactive classes to master the art of watercooler conversation and deliver a solid handshake. This course is strongly recommended for those students who want to spend their summer doing more than making copies.

10. Financial Planning 2203: Mortgages, Taxes, 401(k)s, Oh My!

Course Description: This course will introduce students to a wide selection of new and complex financial vernacular to ensure they have the necessary knowledge to lay the foundation for their five-year plan. This is a graded module, and students will be assessed based on their ability to complete paperwork correctly and in a timely manner.

11. Sociology 2123: Making Friends in and out of Work

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Course Description: This course will explore both cutting-edge and traditional methods of creating connections with strangers and acquaintances. Students will cover everything from crafting the perfect email and text etiquette to actually approaching a stranger. As part of their final project, all participants are expected to organize and attend a friend date without flaking. Students will be graded on their ability to take as many photos with their newfound friends as possible.

12. Home Economics 2507: Doing Your Laundry Without Shrinking Your Clothes


Course Description: This course will provide an in-depth analysis of washing machine settings and laundry products. Students will be taught fundamental principles behind the process, including identifying different fabrics and separating colors, and they will receive rigorous training in the stain identification and removal process.

13. Communication Studies 3304: Negotiating, and Other Tactical Skills

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Course Description: This course is designed for students who have already mastered the art of conversation. Throughout the semester, students will learn essential negotiation strategies and learn to think of human interactions in their personal and professional lives as business transactions.

14. Business 3306: Office Behavior and Open Bar Socials

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Course Description: This course will guide students through the triumphs and pitfalls of socializing with colleagues in and outside of office hours. Throughout the semester, students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for small talk and learn to control their instinctive response to capitalize on the open bar.

15. Sociology 4022: Breaking Up Without Burning Bridges

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Course Description: In this course, we will explore and critique modern revivals of the age-old classic “It’s not you, it’s me.” Students will be expected to craft their own breakup strategy with minimal emotional destruction and demonstrate the ability to identify and dissect subtweets successfully.

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