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12 Reasons You Don’t Need To Watch The Big Game Anywhere But Home

Skip the hustle and bustle of traveling, and enjoy the big game from home! The true-to-life color richness of the ultra-slim LG OLED TV allows you to enjoy the game as if you're sitting on the sidelines.

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1. Everyone will have the best seat in the house.


2. You can lounge around in whatever attire your heart desires...


3. …and no shoes are required!

White Packert / Getty Images

4. The weather's under your control.

LifesGreat4Me (CC BY) / Via

5. You're free to indulge in endless finger foods...


6. …and football-themed sweets.

Shari's Berries (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: sharisberries

7. There are no lines! Use the restroom whenever you want!


Just don't forget to restock on toilet paper.

8. Instant replay is definitely a thing!

Vype setx (CC BY) / Gerardwoo / Getty Images / Via /

9. You can enjoy all the new commercials.

thinkStock / Via BuzzFeed

10. Live feedback is much better when you can hear and feel it.


11. You'll be surrounded by positive energy...

12. ...and, most importantly, your BFF.

Courtesy of Sasha Bard / Via BuzzFeed

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