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15 Reasons Parents Who Raised Kids Before Smartphones Deserve Respect

Times were truly tough. But today you can buy the latest Samsung devices at Best Buy to get it all done.

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5. And cute videos? Ha! Dad wasn't exactly walking around the house with this thing on his face 24/7:


"Today's the day she takes her first steps. I can feel it. And when she does, I'll be ready. Steady hand, Scott. Steady hand."

6. You couldn't carry 10,000 memories in your pocket. You had to invest time and energy into making a scrapbook for that.


"We have 32 photographs to document the rich lives our family lived between the years 1952 and 1984."

11. Before smartphones, parents didn't know where their children were. Like ever.


"I'll come pick you up after soccer practice. If anything happens in the interceding period and our plans don't work out, I guess we won't see each other ever again because we will have virtually no way of contacting each other. Bye!"

15. Lastly, before smartphones, parents couldn't just look up the answers to questions from their kids. They had to make the answers up.


"Hey, Mom... Why are these eggs blue?"

"They're blue because they're snake eggs and they're poisonous. Let's go back inside."

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