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15 Reasons Parents Who Raised Kids Before Smartphones Deserve Respect

Times were truly tough. But today you can buy the latest Samsung devices at Best Buy to get it all done.

1. Before smartphones, parents could not magically get their children to stay quiet and occupied — even for short periods of time.

2. Routine trips to the bank or park could go south at any second.

3. And taking a road trip with young children was a recipe for disaster.

4. Before smartphones, parents had to be insanely lucky to catch their child doing something cute or funny on camera.

5. And cute videos? Ha! Dad wasn't exactly walking around the house with this thing on his face 24/7:

6. You couldn't carry 10,000 memories in your pocket. You had to invest time and energy into making a scrapbook for that.

7. Before smartphones, parents had no way of understanding what could be wrong with their children.

8. They had to put the children in the car and drive them across town to the doctor's office in order to understand why their child was unwell.

9. Parents also had to remember dozens of important numbers, dates, and facts related to the health and well-being of their children.

10. And they had to keep all that information organized.

11. Before smartphones, parents didn't know where their children were. Like ever.

12. Before smartphones, parents had to visit physical stores to buy all those things children need — and they had to bring the children along too!

13. And there were more errands to run. Parents had to go to the bank, develop film, buy music, rent videos, visit the library, and more.

14. Parents even had to schedule time to pay bills. It wasn't easy!

15. Lastly, before smartphones, parents couldn't just look up the answers to questions from their kids. They had to make the answers up.

Parenting means having a million things on your list at once. Thankfully Best Buy carries the latest Samsung devices to help you stay organized and productive.

With a better camera, edge technology, and a water-resistant body, the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 will help you parent harder than ever before.