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12 Pieces Of Wearable Tech That'll Make You Glad It's The Future

So GLAD. What time is it? Tech time! Best Buy is your BFF when it comes to all things wearable tech.

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1. Apple Watch

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One of the more pristine smartwatches, the Apple Watch has features that are literally from the future. In addition to fitness tracking, it offers text suggestions for quick replies, has Siri to ask for directions and so much more.

2. FitBit Charge

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Energize your day with a wristband that tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and active minutes. Charge also monitors your sleep and displays your stats and caller ID. ⌚Tick, tock, time to rock!

3. Microsoft Band 2

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You can pair your Microsoft Band 2 with your Windows Phone, Apple® iOS, or Android device using the Bluetooth interface to receive helpful alerts and fitness stats! It even provides guided workouts for a lively challenge. FTW. 💪

5. Samsung Gear 2

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It looks like a normal watch, but boy, is it so much more! Compatible with most Android devices, the Samsung Gear 2 lets you stay connected when you're away from your phone. This neat thing receives texts, emails, notifications, and features S Health and Nike+ Running integration to track your fitness.

6. Basis Peak

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Be good to your heart, with the 24/7 heart rate tracking on the Basis Peak fitness and sleep monitor. Set notifications and goals to keep you in line with tackling your New Year's resolutions. 🎉

7. Jawbone

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Put fashion and fitness first with the luxe Jawbone UP2 activity tracker. This sweet thing comes complete with a Smart Coach to keep you on top of your healthy goals. That's right — a coach on your wrist. The future is now.

8. TomTom Spark

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Perfect for music-loving fitness fans, the TomTom Spark watch can hold up to 3GB of music space, so it's pretty much the only thing you need for your workout. Other than shoes, of course. Shoes are helpful too.

9. Withings Activity Monitor

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The fashionable Withings Monitor provides various challenges when you sync it with the Health Mate app. It also alerts you once you've reached a goal you've set for yourself. Plus, it’s a sleek and stylish way to keep track of your fitness!

10. Polar Heart Rate Monitor

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The Polar FT7 is an ultimate fitness monitor for your wrist! It's also waterproof, so you can keep track of calories burned even while doing laps in the pool. This would never be possible five years ago. Thank you, technology. #Swim2Win 🏊

11. Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

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Attach this lightweight device to your glove and receive useful data on how to improve. Not a golfer? The Zepp Analyzer is also available for tennis, baseball, and softball. Hold on tight — you'll be on your way to the pros in no time!

12. Garmin Sport Watch

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With Garmin, you can track essential stats like steps, pace, and calories, with a variety of trackers suitable for everything from everyday activity to marathon training. Pair your ideal device with the Garmin online community to see a complete picture of your activities. Now we're talkin'!