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Here's How To Actually Enjoy Working Out In The Morning

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2. Pack your things the night before.

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The longer you take to get ready, the more time your brain has to come up with excuses. Pack your gym gear the night before so that you can literally roll out of bed and step out the door. Just remember to check the bag for cats first.

3. Sleep in your workout clothes.

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Save yourself even more time and energy in the morning by sleeping in your workout clothes, so you can be up and at it before your brain even knows what's happening.

4. Eat something!

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Grab a light snack (like a fruit smoothie you made the night before) to give yourself a pre-workout energy boost. As an added bonus, you now have a legit reason to buy a smoothie machine!

7. Make a pump-up playlist.

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Find some music that gets you excited and energized. Time the playlist with your workout so that the right songs will get you going when you need it most. Then, PUMP UP THE JAMS.