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11 Discounts You Didn't Know You Could Get With Your College ID

You'll miss your .edu email someday. 'Til then, shop Best Buy's Student Tech Center.

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1. Fast food


Next time you hit up your local fast-food place, pull out the other plastic card in your wallet and you could get 10% off your order. Discount programs vary by franchise, but many sandwich shops, creameries, and burger joints will honor your request.

2. Clothing


Remember when your mom took a picture of your first-day-of-school outfit? Now you can get a photo-worthy look every semester by saving 10 to 20% at select department stores. Even neighborhood thrift shops offer daily student discounts.

3. Transportation


Maybe you stopped riding the bus in high school, but the next time you commute in the city or travel across the country, you may be in the window seat once again. So flash your ID and pay less for bus travel, train trips, subway rides, and truck rentals.

4. Shipping and delivery


Whether you're auctioning off your things or sending your stuff back to campus, you're probably gonna be mailing stuff this year — and two shipping services offer substantial savings for students, so take advantage while you're still enrolled!

5. Sporting events


Depending on where you live, you may be close to a baseball or hockey team that offers student discounts on tickets. Or if you prefer to stay home, you can stream nationally televised baseball and football games for 35% and 50% off, respectively.

6. A new car


For this one, you don't even need to be a current student. Simply show a diploma from the past two years to the right automaker and you'll get a quote that's below the retail price for a brand-new car. Hey, it beats driving your parents' old minivan.

7. Car insurance


A simple search query will reveal that almost every auto insurance provider offers discounts for students who get good grades (usually a "B" average or better) — and sometimes as much as 20% off, so for the love of money, do your homework.

10. Cultural institutions


If it's culture you're after, it's very likely the institutions in your neighborhood offer lower prices for students. Concert halls, aquariums, ballets, performance theaters — most of these places will, at the very least, knock a couple dollars off your ticket.

11. Digital subscriptions (50 to 84% off)


If you have a tablet or e-reader, do yourself and your GPA a favor by getting a digital subscription to your favorite weekly magazine. Most of them give major discounts to students and educators, and it'll give you a break from all those assigned readings!