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15 Things That Happen When You Shop For Someone You Don't Know

"May I help you?" the sales assistant asks. If only it were that easy.

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Everyone at one point has endured the challenge of shopping for someone they don't know.


1. First, you start gathering info by talking with their friends.

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What do they like?

What do they keep talking about?

Do they have any obsessions?

2. Then you stalk them on social media.

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But, like, only a healthy amount.

What is a healthy amount? Help.

3. Finally, you observe their habits and behaviors.


Day 3: The subject has looked at the same pair of shoes for the fifth time. Is this a sign? Do they know that I'm watching them?

4. Now you begin to plan what the “perfect gift” will be.


You want to get them something useful, memorable, and personal — but not TOO personal.

5. It's shopping time. As you walk into the store, you immediately start to rethink all of your decisions.

Trickfilmstudio / Pingu / Via

"Do they already have this? Is this gift unoriginal? Will they want it? No, I want this." *drops in cart*

6. As you browse the first aisle, blankly staring at the shelf, a sales associate asks you that one question: / Via

Them: "May I help you find something?"

You: "Uhhh yeah. No. Yes, No I'm good"

*internally kicks self*

7. After regretting turning the sales assistant away, you browse through your first gift idea - phone cases.


"They'd love this phone case! They have the newest model, right? was the slightly older one. Or was it the oversized version? Actually, no, I think they already have this case."

8. You don't know if it's right for them, but you get it for yourself, because it is totally right for you.

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You gotta treat yourself from time to time, right?

9. Defeated, you go to your plan B: a good game.


Who doesn't love to play games? But.... what game?

So. Many. GAMES.

10. You heart flutters when you see the sales assistant.


"Help! Help! Please help!"

11. After they give you like 20 options that could work, you both nail it down to one perfect gift. / Via

^^^^ Basically how you expect their reaction to be.

12. As you wait in line, you start to second-guess your decision, thinking back on all the other gifts that you saw.


Do they really want this game? Should I have got them that phone case? What about those headphones the salesperson pointed out? Why does this have to be so hard???

13. The cashier rings you up, and your heart stops when you see the price.

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Of course, the one perfect gift is out of your budget.

14. The cashier notices your unease, and mentions a gift card, which you get — with hesitation.

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At first you think it's a copout. Then you realize that It's perfect; it's in your price limit, for a store you know they'll like, and it will allow them to get exactly what they want.

15. You walk out the store, victorious.


Until you realize, this is just the first person on your very long list of people to shop for.

Get them the gift that will get them what they really want. Get them a Best Buy gift card.