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    Mar 24, 2020

    The Best Places To Buy Glasses

    If you've got a prescription, you can pick up a pair online.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Yes yes, you should get an annual eye exam every year because age, time, and everything else you put your peepers through (uh, staring at your computer all day?!) can mean a changing prescription.

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    But perhaps you've had some sticker shock at the eye doc when you got your new eyewear on some frames you were a little meh about thanks to limited selection. And then barely wear your glasses instead of your contacts because you aren't that into them!


    OK so maybe I'm just projecting.

    I present to you, some ~online~ options that'll give you more glasses style options and possibly help you save a few bucks:

    1. EyeBuyDirect has a DEEP inventory of styles, delivers on super affordable prices, and lets you try out your new glasses for 14 days. P.S. Check out the Tan France collab.

    @eyebuydirect / Via

    Why we like it: The virtual try-on option helps quell your "OK, but how will these frames look?" worries. Selection is just about as good as it can get online with eyeglasses for everyone in the fam (women's, men's, kid's) and even blue-light blocking to help your poor peepers staring at screens all day.

    Shipping and returns: Two-day shipping on lots of styles and a 14-day return policy that applies for both fit and style, and allows you to make a return for a one-time replacement or refund within two weeks of receipt of your order. Additionally, they have a 365-day product guarantee that means you can get a one-time replacement pair within 12 months. Clumsy and forgetful babes rejoice!

    Prices: $8+ for frames, plus $8.95+ for plain lenses, bifocal lenses for $29, progressive lenses for $49+, transitions lenses for $79, an blue light-blocking lenses for $25+.

    You can also get: sunglasses and contacts

    Tan is wearing the Lighthouse frames for $70+.

    Also be sure to check out our EyeBuyDirect review and another review.

    2. Glasses USA offers up a huge range of styles from brands you've heard of and ones you haven't but make incredibly stylish looks.

    @GlassesUSA / Via

    Why we like it: You can shop a rather large deals section because maybe those deeply discounted cat-eye beauts are *just* what you imagined for your next pair. Or the Muse x Hilary Duff collab?

    Shipping and returns: There's a 100% guarantee, and free shipping and returns.

    Prices: $38+ with non-prescription, single vision, and near vision lenses included, progressive for $169+ and bifocal for $99+

    You can also get: sunglasses and contacts

    Get the Muse Fantasista style in burgundy/wine for $98.

    3. Eyeconic stocks lots and lots of designer shades but is made for folks who'd rather crawl into a hole than go to an eyeglasses store (though there are Eyeconic stores too!).

    @shopeyeconic / Via

    Why we like it: The site stocks nearly every kind of brand of eyewear you could think of, has free shipping and returns, *and* price matches! Oh and in case that isn't enough for you, there's a very good virtual try-on feature I've used myself. And if you're in the Chicago area, you can check out the stores yourself.

    Shipping and returns: 30-day window from original purchase to refund or exchange, and a one-time exchange. Free second-day shipping.

    Prices: $90+ with single vision, HD progressive, or non-prescription lenses

    You can also get: sunglasses and contacts

    Get these MCM glasses for $229.

    4. Warby Parker is at this point more or less legendary in the space thanks to its practice of sending customers five pairs of eyeglasses to try on and wear during normal life to help determine the winning pair!

    @warbyparker / Via

    Why we like it: In case the thought of having to return a purchase gives you the heebie jeebies, don't worry! Those frames for your try-on experience (five frames for five days) come with a pre-paid return label to help ease the process. (So worth it.) *Though* you're kinda paying for that service because these glasses will likely run you more than other sites on this list. And they work with Affirm in case you want to break down your payments into installments.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping both ways. 30-day return or exchange policy for eyewear, books, and accessories. Full refund or exchange within 30 days if you aren't satisfied, including for unopened/unused contact lenses.

    Prices: $95+ for frames with single-vision lenses included, high-index lenses for $30, and progressive prescriptions for $295

    You can also get: sunglasses and contacts

    Get these Whittier glasses for $195+.

    Also be sure to check out our Warby Parker review.

    5. Zenni offers up tons of trendy styles, and even has a sizable $6.95/glasses selection *including basic prescription lenses* for folks on a budget. (But really, who isn't?!)

    @zennioptical / Via

    Why we like it: Peruse the plentiful customer reviews to see what real people (like you!) thought about their new glasses. But you have more resources to help you make your decision. You can also do virtual try-on that entails taking a short video of yourself so you can virtually model that pair you're considering. It'll also analyze your face shape to help you find the best frames shape for you, *and* you can send your model pics to your friends so they can give the input. Sometimes you just need the group chat for that!

    Shipping and returns: Standard shipping for $4.95, 30-day return policy but no refund for shipping costs

    Prices: $6.95+ for frames and basic prescription lenses, $16.95+ for blue light-blocking lenses, progressive lenses for $27.95+

    You can also get: sunglasses

    Get the shown styles from top to bottom for $27.95+, $29.95+, and $25.95+.

    Also be sure to check out our Zenni review.

    6. Coastal sells ya' thinner lenses (specifically 22% thinner base lenses than other retailers) *and* donates a pair of glasses for every pair you purchase.

    @coastaldotcom / Via

    Why we like it: Anyone with a staggering eye prescription (like me!) will appreciate the thin-lenses aspect. And like I said up there, each purchase means that the company donates a pair of glasses to someone in need through the Essilor Vision Foundation. And if that wasn't enough to convince you, there's also a virtual try-on feature.

    Shipping and returns: 14-day glasses and sunglasses return policy with a refund, un-used contacts may be returned within 30 days.

    Prices: $9+ with four lense thickness options

    You can also get: sunglasses

    Get the Derek Cardigan Douglas glasses (left) for $40+ or KamDhillon Gwendolyn for $105+ (right).

    7. Frames Direct has a, well, direct name but doesn't skimp on the customer service or selection of brands passersby will think you bought at a fancy store.

    @framesdirect / Via

    Why we like it: Free shipping, guaranteed price-matching on eyeglass frames, one of the deepest selections in the biz (seriously, you could spend a week browsing styles) makes it worth your time. There are frequent sales, plus you can donate a pair of glasses through the Essilor Group when you place a prescription order. You can even select which region of the world you'd like to donate the pair to!

    Shipping and returns: Returns limited and a bit stricter to keep pricing low.

    Prices: $40+

    You can also get: sunglasses and contact lenses

    Shop similar Emporio Armani glasses here.

    8. Pair Eyewear is an eyewear brand for kids you may have seen on Shark Tank thanks to its genius concept of magnetic frames that let your kids change the frame color and even turn those specs into prescription eyeglasses.

    @paireyewear / Via

    Why we like it: Sorry, grownups! This is just for kids and helps eyewear feel less like a medical need and more of a personality expression. (OK, so the frames can fit *some* adults.) The former head of product of Warby Parker was involved with its start and the coolest aspect of these frames is base magnetic frames that you can mix and match with colorful "tops" to transform the glasses. And it gets better, there's even a giving program where when you buy a pair, a kid in need gets a pair.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping and returns, plus a 30-day risk-free trial.

    Prices: $60+ with prescription lenses

    Check out the tie-dye add-ons and more.

    9. Glasses Shop offers up the first pair for free (of course with some restrictions) and has a vast selection overall at affordable prices that may just make you one of those people who has several pairs of prescription sunnies. Fancy!

    @iglassesshop / Via

    Why we like it: First off, here are those deets about the first pair for free. But tbh, there are a ~variety~ of discount codes so you can find something that'll work for you.

    Shipping and returns: $5.95 standard shipping for orders under $79. You get two weeks to try out your frames and if you don't dig 'em, you can send them back for an exchange or refund.

    Prices: $5.95+ with additional costs for single vision distance, single distance reading, bifocal, progressive, and fashion. Also available as frame only. Plus $29 with a prism add-on, $29+ for blue-light blocking.

    You can also get: sunglasses

    10. Fetch Eyewear is a perfect pairing if you just wanna help the animals. 100% of profits go to animal rescue. *But* they'll also just have you looking dang well chic while you wear them. Helping you, helping animals. Quite the win-win.

    @fetcheyewear / Via

    Why we like it: 100% of the net proceeds from each purchase goes to the The Pixie Project and low income clinic. *But* there are lots of very nice looking frames to try. And lucky you, the try-on program lets you give five pairs a test run for a five-day period to see what feels right.

    Shipping and returns: Free shipping. Reading and sunglasses are eligible for a full refund within 30 days, and prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses are eligible for returns only if there is a manufacturing error.

    Price: $95+ plus $40 for single-vision lenses, $200+ for multi-vision lenses, $50 for blue light-blocking lenses, $120 for light-responsive lenses

    You can also get: sunglasses

    Get these Darby glasses in different colorways for $95+.

    11. David Kind sells tons of luxury-quality, gorgeous pieces of eyewear *and* you can help a person in need by donating your old pair for a $50 discount. Plus you can pick up some sunglasses clips (Psst, they're not just for dads anymore!).

    @davidkind / Via

    Why we like it: The guy behind it is an industry vet thanks to stints at Spy and Oliver Peoples, which shows with the on-point quality and designs. There's an at-home try-on experience with a $20 fee that gets you six pairs of frames to give a go for six days, and then the fee gets credited to any pair you buy after the try-on period. Or you can have your at-home kit sent to your personal optician to help you through the process.

    Shipping and returns: Shipping is included with the price of each pair. There a 10-year warranty (!!!) that entails replacing or repairing your frames.

    Price: $395 with cost of prescription lenses included

    You can also get: sunglasses

    Get these Kodachi Windsor glasses in Antique Gold for $395.⁠

    12. And Lensabl helps you keep your old frames and swap to fresh lenses (on the cheap). Nothing wrong with that!

    @lensabl / Via

    Why we like it: OK so the company also sells frames, but the main selling point is that you can keep your fave frames the next time your prescription changes after your annual eye exam. Which, yes you can ALSO do at your local eye doctor, but for drastically more expensive prices (in my experience). The process is you select your new lenses (all include 100% UV protection, anti-glare coating, and anti-scratch coating), send in your frames (free shipping FTW), and lab pros replace your lenses. It's that easy!

    Prices: $77+ for replacement lenses

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