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11 Things to Do with Your Leftover Halloween Candy

So Halloween is over, now what do you do with those mountains of leftover candy?

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1. House Gifts

Many people usually grab empty vases or hollow objects big enough to be filled up for guests to enjoy.

2. Freeze It

Freeze it and save it for another special time.

3. PiƱata Time

If you got a fiesta going on, leftover candy is the ideal filling.

4. Bake Em

That is right, if you got the right candy you can use them in your baking ingredients to make a sweet cake.

5. Trail Mix

Trail Mix is one of the most simple DIY snacks that can be assembled, for a sweet twist add your leftover candy.

6. What's after Halloween???

Thats right, Thanksgiving. Bring it to the turkey table and indulge.

7. Handy Candy

Keep candy handy in your purse, backpack, or luggage. It's always a good idea to have snack at hand.


A simple and fast way to make your own homemade mocha is to crush up milk chocolate and drizzle it in your coffee.

9. Toppings

Nothing goes better together than chocolate and ice cream, top it or mix it in to add an extra sweet factor.

10. Give It Away

Take it to work or school and just hand it out to your colleagues and peers.

11. Eat It

Why not?

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