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11 Things No One Tells You About Applying for Jobs

What if I told you something no one ever told you about applying at jobs?

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1. Networking Is Key

Networking has become increasingly easy to accomplish thanks to technology. The more the merrier right? With the help from social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn anyone can come in contact with you through the click of a button. But everybody has their own preferences. Old fashion networking can come in handy in a lot of ways. Taking someone of influence out for coffee can come in clutch for job opportunities.

2. First Impressions Matter

After you come into contact with an individual for the first time, opinions and feelings are created. Leaving a lasting impression on an individual. When you go into an interview for a job it must be your priority to leave a good opinion of yourself to the interviewer.

3. Acknowledge Your Under The Microscope

When you apply for a position in an organization you are sacrificing yourself to be analyzed to see if your the right candidate for the right position. From the time you submit your application you are looked at for any flaws that spell trouble. If you have a clean slate with nothing to fear then your good to go.

4. Dress To Impress

Self explanatory and a long time ethic of the job process. Dressing to be impressing goes a long way to establish yourself in important situations like acquiring a job. This goes hand in hand with first impressions.

5. It's Ok To Be Nervous

This is something that many people tend to feel in a high stakes situation. Granted a job is very important for any person, your only leaving a first impression. If you don't get a job it's not the end of the world, on to the next one and create opportunities for yourself. Nervousness is all in our heads.

6. Don't Ask Too Many Questions

Questions are something to be careful about. Questions won't make you, but they can break you. Nobody likes being asked questions over and over again especially interviewers. The appropriate time to ask questions is when you are asked upon.

7. Research The Organization And Position You Are Applying For

It would be in the best of your interest to research and get some information on what you may be getting into. Companies and specific jobs do require you to have some background knowledge on what they stand and believe in. As well as what they may ask of you.

8. Speak With Purpose

You always need to know what your talking about. In any job interview tone and language obviously is important, interviewers do not like asking twice. Do not speak with a shy low voice. Adequacy and confidence is always essential in an interview.

9. Be Approachable

Coming in hot to an interview is risky. Being approachable means to be social and welcoming to those around you. Having a mean mug face in the hot seat of an interview can give a bad impression of you. Being serious and stern is good to an extant, not to the point of blank emotion.

10. Smell Nice

Smelling nice can come a long ways for you. Along side of dress to impress when you smell and look dashing a good impression will be made of yourself. But never go over the top, too much of an odor can be overpowering and in essence bad.

11. Understand Your Weaknesses

When applying for a job you get to know yourself a lot better than you think. You learn of your strengths and your weaknesses. Pay attention to your weakness and work on improving them.

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