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Bose Collins Creates Its Own Brilliant Machines for GE

Three computer-generated posters made from appliance parts ... to advertise a band made of robots.

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Design consultancy Bose Collins used CGI to make three posters for GE's Brilliant Machines campaign.

"It's comparable to building one of those model airplanes as a kid – putting together the parts, painting those individually," explained Nathan Collins. "These models are constructed so the camera can be placed anywhere. The positioning in the posters is the angle the creatives wanted, but we could fly around these objects – in, out, and around."

The artwork, placed downtown and in Brooklyn, announces the next Brilliant Machines event – a free Compressorhead concert in Union Square on Tuesday, November 12.

Compressorhead "is comprised of three 5 foot tall humanoids: Stickboy on drums, Bones on bass, and Fingers as lead/rhythm," according to a press release.

For real.

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