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4 Staggering Images From Hurricane Sandy By Stephen Wilkes

These, plus eight more photos, are included in the Museum of the City of New York's exhibit "Rising Waters."

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1. Stephen Wilkes rented a helicopter on the Sunday after Sandy to capture an aerial view of the destruction.

"For me, the photographs were about depicting the scale of the hurricane," he explained. "People heard 'Category 1,' and we tend to react by thinking numerically – the higher the number, the bigger the damage – but Sandy didn't fit that criteria. In this case, perception and reality were extremely different, and I wanted to show the reality."

4. Wilkes spotted a house that was dragged through a field on Staten Island.

"Although much has improved over the last year, there are still people who are suffering and there are still things that need to be changed," he remarked. "We have a short attention span and lose focus from one event to the next, but with 'Rising Waters,' we can reflect on what's happened and what needs to happen in the future."

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